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Dr. Ed's MOOC: Predicting the Markets
Lecture I:  Predicting the Past
Lecture 2: Predicting Stock Trends
Lecture 3: Predicting Stock Valuation
Judging Value
Modeling Valuation
New Improved Model
Lecture 4: Predicting Corporate Earnings
No Turning Back
Earnings Squiggles
The Profits Cycle
Quality of Earnings
Corporate Finance
Lecture 5: Predicting the Economy
Best Economist on the Street
Leading the Way
Trends & Cycles
The Science of Prosperity
The Original Optimist
Lecture 6: Predicting Inflation
Inflation, Disinflation, Deflation
Modeling Inflation
The Great Debate: NAIRU & Productivity
Monetary Phenomenon?
Global Dimension
Leading Indicators of Inflation
Lecture 7: Predicting the Fed & Interest Rates
The Fed's Message
The Federal Open Mouth Committee
The Power of Money
Do We Need The Fed?
The Bond Vigilantes
Credit Quality
Ledture 8: Predicting Currencies & Commodities
It Always Balances
The Dollar Standard & Super Money
The Twin Deficits & The Kindness of Strangers
Currency Crises for Fun & Profit
Lecture 9: Predicting Real Estate
Valuation Multiple
Cash Outs
Lecture 10: Predicting Sectors, Themes, and Styles
Consumers: Born To Shop
Health Care: Fountain of Youth
Financials: Surfing the Curve
Information Technology: New New Things
Energy, Materials, Industrials: Back to Basics
Investment Styles
Lecture 11: Predicting the World
The Economic Consequences of the Pace
War & Peace & Prices
The End of Macroeconomics
Deflation & Corruption
The American Challenge
Japan's Karaoke Capitalism
Demography, Destiny, & Dynasty
Emerging & Submerging Economies
Lecture 12: Predicting History
Bubbles & Panics
The 1930s
The 1990s
Lecture 13, Predicting The Future
Dr. Ed's MOOC: The Theft of Nations
Lecture 1: Wealth and Theft
Epic Dual
Adam Smith's Big Mistake
Lecture 2: The Ideal
The Free Market
The Consuming Class
Productivity and the Division of Labor
Labor Theory of Value
Markets, Freedom, and Fairness
Playing by the Rules
Lecture 3: Internal Contradictions
Creative Destruction
Booms, Busts, and the Great Moderation
Irrational Exuberance
Cronies, Zombies, and Banksters
Paying for the Rules
The Ruling Class and Class Warfare
Corporate Managers and Directors
The Leisure Class and Fertility
Lecture 4: Human Nature
Fear, Greed, and Insecurity
Virtue and Vice
Golden Rules
God and Markets
Moses, Jesus, and Luther
The Poverty of Philosophy
Profiling Homo Corruptus
Lecture 5: Special Interests
Social Insecurity
Vested Interests
Organized Crime
Madison's Factions
Olson's Minorities
Tocqueville's Communities
Group Think
Lecture 6: Law and Order
Social Contracts
Checks, Balances, and Deficits
Taxation & Representation
Rights, Responsibilities, and Entitlements
Redistribution & Justice
Progressives and the Rule of Regulators
Private and Public Unions
When All Else Fails
Rules for Capitalists
Rules for Radicals
Lecture 7: Finance and Fraud
Other People's Money and Seller Financing
Asset Bubbles and Debt Debacles
Mark to Market
Gold and Other Standards
Moral and Other Hazards of Central Bankers
Quantitative Easing and the Great Inflation
Lecture 8: Social Scientists and Utopia
From Voltaire to Darwin
From Smith to Marx
From Keynes to Bernanke
From Rand to Greenspan
Lecture 9: Assaulting Capitalism
Rahm's Rule for Rulers
Revisionists and the End of History
Market vs. Government Failure
Round Up the Usual Suspects
Lecture 10: Defending Capitalism
Revolution, Reformation, and Restoration
Creative Destruction for Our Own Good
Strict Construction and Term Limits
Balanced Budgets & Flat Taxes
Regulations, Sunsets, and Inspector Generals
Fixing Finance for Good
Lecture 11: Future of Capitalism
Commanding Heights
Innovation and Prosperity
Live Long and Prosper
Globalization and its Discontents
Falls and Springs
Economics Department
National Income & Product Accounts

Financial History Department
S&P 500 Sectors: 1990-2012
Barron's: "The Trader" Columns, 1997-Current
Financial History Charts

Economic History Department
Great Depression
US Historical Statistics Part I & Part II