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2018 Barron’s “The Trader” Columns and WSJ Stock Market Data

Jun 16

The S&P Went Nowhere—and That’s A-OK
So this is what it feels like to hit your head against a wall. The S&P 500 tried, and failed, to finish the week above its postcorrection high.
S&P 500: 2779.66

The Dow Gains 681 Points as There’s No Place Like Home
The market has made a clear distinction between the U.S. and the rest of the world. That’s a view shared by Ed Yardeni of Yardeni Research.
S&P 500: 2779.03

Dow Shows Nerves of Steel Amid Trade Tensions
It sure is noisy out there. But you wouldn’t necessarily know it from looking at the major indexes.
S&P 500: 2734.62

Dow Ticks Higher, but Beware a Summer Storm
It was a week where anything that could go wrong did go wrong—except for when it came to the stock market.
S&P 500: 2721.33

Stocks Season Over, Stocks Quietly Subside
With quarterly earnings season over, investors could only focus on rising 10-year Treasury yields. Even North Korean rhetoric couldn’t move the market.
S&P 500: 2712.97

Dow Gains 569 Points as Investors Shed Doubts
That shift in tone from the market this past week? You weren’t imagining it.
S&P 500: 2727.72

The Dow Takes Investors on a Wild Ride to Nowhere
Let’s call it a volatile flatness. How else to explain the market’s trajectory not only this past week but in the weeks since the major indexes corrected back in February?
S&P 500: 2663.42

Dow Slips as Investors Seek Answers
After the bull market’s near-death experience, investors haven’t been able to decide whether to run away or return to business as usual.
S&P 500: 2669.91

Apr 21

Battered Dow Ekes Out 103-Point Gain for Week
A week that began with many wondering if the market’s correction was finally over ended with an answer: not yet.
S&P 500: 2670.14

Apr 14

Dow Closes the Week Up 427 Points–the Hard Way
Another week, another reason to wonder: Is the correction really over?
S&P 500: 2656.30

Apr 6

Tariff Fears and a Jobs Report Send Stocks Lower
Suddenly Friday the trade “not a war” was back in the headlines, and stocks were back in the red.
S&P 500: 2604.47

Mar 31

Mar 24

Why Did Dow Drop 1,400? Pick Your Poison
Learning to juggle isn’t easy—and the market is discovering that the hard way.
S&P 500: 2588.26

Mar 17

Whipsawed by Events, the Dow Drops 389 Points
The market is so discombobulated right now that it can’t even decide what it’s afraid of.
S&P 500: 2752.01

Mar 10

Stocks Boom Nine Years After Crisis Low
Nine years ago, the market decided it couldn’t go any lower. Now we’re still wondering just how high it can go.
S&P 500: 2786.57

Mar 3

Dow Drops 3% for the Week—and It Isn’t Just Tariffs
Whenever the market drops, everyone looks for a reason. This week had many—which means maybe it didn’t actually need one to fall this week.
S&P 500: 2691.25

Feb 24

Markets Gain Strength as Treasury Yields Retreat
The drop in the 10-year yield by about 0.05 percentage point on Friday, to 2.87%, provided support to stocks.
S&P 500: 2747.30

Feb 10

After Correction Pain, More Market Gain?
So that’s what a correction feels like. Yes, it was painful, but there was a curious sensation about this one.

S&P 500: 2619.55

Feb 3

Dow’s Worst Week in Two Years Stuns Investors
Now that was a bad week—and don’t be surprised if it gets worse before it gets better.

S&P 500: 2762.13

Jan 27

What Could Signal the End of This Rally?

The market is having a feel-good moment—maybe a little too good.
S&P 500: 2872.87

Jan 20

Stock Records Galore, but Bond Yields Cast Shadow
Equity markets continue to boom despite Washing dysfunction, but quietly rising bond yields raise questions about sustainability.
S&P 500: 2810.30

Jan 13

The S&P 500 Is on Pace to Triple This Year
Stocks have started the year with a nearly uninterrupted run—one that has us imagining just how high the market can go.
S&P 500: 2786.24

Jan 6

Dow 25,000: How High Can It Go?
Bullish sentiment is high, but that can be a sign of tough times to come.
S&P 500: 2743.15