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2020 Barron’s “The Trader” Columns and WSJ Stock Market Data

Feb 21

Stocks Drop on the Week but Still Look Bubbly. Time to Prepare for a Correction.
A stock-market meltup is happening right under our noses. And though we don’t quite have a definite sign that a bubble in equities is forming, several market statistics are concerning.
S&P 500: 3337.75

Feb 14

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Gained 1% This Week. Let It Ride?
Saturday night might be all right for fighting, but Friday sure seems to be the preferred day for selling.
S&P 500: 3380.16

Feb 7

Coronavirus? Slower Growth? The Dow Just Had a Spectacular Week.
They say the best defense is a good offense. The U.S. stock market may offer both.
S&P 500: 3327.71

Jan 31

The Dow Finally Took the Coronavirus Seriously and Dropped 733 Points.
Like a houseguest who has overstayed his welcome, the coronavirus has been in the headlines long enough that the market couldn’t ignore it any longer—and it won’t be as easy to evict.
S&P 500: 3225.52

Jan 24

The Stock Market Finally Finds a Reason to Fall. What Comes Next?
Perceptions of the stock market, unfortunately, can shift in a matter of days.
S&P 500: 3295.47

Jan 17

The Dow Could Hit 30,000 Five Years Ahead of Schedule. It Won’t Stop There.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average is going to hit 30,000—and don’t expect it to stop there.
S&P 500: 3329.62

Jan 10

The Dow Rises 189 Points for the Week, Despite Mideast Tensions
Rising U.S.-Iran tensions quickly went from an incendiary issue to a nonissue for global markets this past week.
S&P 500: 3265.35

Jan 3

The Dow Was Waiting for a Reason to Drop. The U.S. Air Strike Supplied It.
If it’s not one thing, it’s another. And this time it was the targeted killing of an Iranian general that caused the stock market to finish the week in the red.
S&P 500: 3234.85