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2022 Barron’s “The Trader” Columns and WSJ Stock Market Data

Aug 12

Peak Inflation? Not So Fast.
Wall Street got a dose of good news this week. It also got a little ahead of itself.
S&P 500: 4145.19

Aug 5

How the Stock Market Survived July’s Jobs Report—and Lived to Fight Another Day
Inflation is sticky, but but economic growth is sticky, too. And that puts the Federal Reserve—and investors—in a bind.

S&P 500: 4280.15

Jul 29

The Stock Market Had Its Best Month in Years. We’re Not Out of the Woods Yet.
Stocks rallied this past week as investors bet that the Federal Reserve has reached peak hawkishness. That’s wishful thinking.
S&P 500: 4118.63

Jul 22

Is the Stock Market Going Up? It Might Depend on the Definition of Recession.
Not since Bill Clinton testified about the meaning of the word “is” has so much hinged on the meaning of one simple word. The word is “recession,” and defining one isn’t easy.
S&P 500: 3938.86

Jul 15

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up. Stocks Are Still in a Bear Market.
Hope springs eternal, even during a bear market. Just don’t make the mistake of getting your hopes up too much.
S&P 500: 3817.18

Jul 8

Why This Earnings Season Won’t Make—or Break—the Stock Market
Earnings season is about to begin, and that means the stock market could finally get its moment of truth.
S&P 500: 3869.34

Jul 1

Stocks Had a Nasty 6 Months. The Second Half Could Be Ugly Too.
It was a first half destined to haunt investors. The past six months were historically bad for stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, and practically every other asset class outside of commodities.
S&P 500: 3752.10

Jun 17

The Stock Market’s Selloff Will Eventually End. Bet On It.
A decline in earnings could be the next shoe to drop for investors. But it’s all a prelude to the best buying opportunity in decades.
S&P 500: 3674.84

Jun 10

The Stock Market Used to Have a Friend in the Fed. Now It Has a Problem.
The Federal Reserve is serious about fighting inflation—maybe more serious than investors give it credit for. And that means there is more pain ahead for the stock market.
S&P 500: 3900.86

Jun 3

The Stock Market Is Charting a New Course. It Won’t Be Pleasant.
The trend is your friend, or so they say. But right now, there is no trend you can trust. The stock market’s new course could be tricky to navigate.
S&P 500: 4108.54

May 27

The Stock Market Finally Had a Winning Week. Why It Might Not Last.
It was quite the relief when the market finally managed to string together a few good days. Don’t get used to it.
S&P 500: 4158.24

May 20

The Stock Market Has Avoided a Bear. But the Selloff Isn’t Over.
The S&P 500 index refuses to fall into a bear market—but that doesn’t mean it’s found a bottom just yet.
S&P 500: 3901.36

May 13

The Next Hurdle for Companies: Overhiring
Nothing has been easy for businesses lately. Now they might have to cope with the possibility that they expanded for demand that might not arrive.
S&P 500: 4023.89

May 6

The Stock Market Is Taking a Beating. It Won’t End Soon.
Rates are going higher, growth is slowing, and inflation is eating into consumer budgets and company margins. The magnitude of each of the known knowns is up for debate.
S&P 500: 4123.34

Apr 29

Apple and the Rest of Big Tech Couldn’t Save the Stock Market
The only takeaway to be drawn from a volatile week of earnings reports was that we shouldn’t get our hopes up.
S&P 500: 4131.93

Apr 22

The Fed Finally Pushed the Stock Market Over the Edge
The stock market tumbled this past week as investors finally decided it was time to prepare for the worst-case scenario—a Federal Reserve-induced recession.
S&P 500: 4271.78

Apr 15

Selling Your Stocks in May and Going Away Could Be the Best Strategy This Year.
This could be the year to follow the adage: Sell in May and go away. The reasons are simple and include war, inflation, disease, and the Fed’s tightening monetary policy.
S&P 500: 4392.59

Apr 8

The Stock Market Isn’t Running From a Recession. What Really Spooked Investors.
The S&P 500 fell 1.3% this past week, and concerns about a possible slowdown, or growth scare, have been cited among the reasons why.
S&P 500: 4488.28

Apr 1

How the Stock Market Dodged Inflation-Induced Disaster
The stock market’s greatest fear is coming true—but the major indexes barely budged. Don’t expect the calm to last.
S&P 500: 4545.86

Mar 25

If the Fed Pulls Off a Soft Landing, It’s Party Time
Party like it’s 1994? That’s the year that the Federal Reserve actually accomplished the rarest of economic feats—a soft landing, curtailing inflation without crashing into a recession.
S&P 500: 4543.06

Mar 18

The Stock Market Just Had Its Best Week Since 2020. Enjoy It While It Lasts.
Drop a ball off a balcony, and it will bounce. Drop the market off an all-time high and it eventually will, too. That doesn’t make it a buying opportunity.
S&P 500: 4463.12

Mar 11

Stagflation Is Worrying Forecasters. What Investors Should Do.
Get ready for stagflation light. Headlines about stagflation are everywhere, and the “flation” part is pretty obvious. February’s CPI was as bad as expected.
S&P 500: 4204.31

Mar 4

The Worst Is Yet to Come for the Stock Market. So Is a Swift Snapback.
It’s the end of the world as we know it. The stock market, however, isn’t going anywhere.
S&P 500: 4328.87

Feb 25

Stocks Ride Out the Initial Storm. Oil Is Still in the Thick of It.
Stocks rose this past week despite Russia’s invasion of Ukraine—or perhaps because of it.
S&P 500: 4384.65

Feb 18

The Stock Market’s Next Move Is Lower. It’s Not Just Russia and the Fed.
The only thing standing between the stock market and a full-blown correction might have been a long weekend.
S&P 500: 4348.87

Feb 4

Stocks’ Rally Looks Nice. Here’s Why You Should Put It on Ice.
For the stock market, this past week had the feel of steering out of a spin after hitting an ice patch—and driving away safely. Unfortunately, the road ahead may be even more treacherous.
S&P 500: 4500.53

Jan 28

Why the Stock Market Could Take a Turn for the Worse.
It’s been a rocky, painful time for investors hoping that earnings could drive stocks higher. Even the rallies are stomach-churning.
S&P 500: 4431.85

Jan 14

The Stock Market’s Biggest Risk Isn’t the Fed. It’s Earnings.
Let’s call it a dress rehearsal for the funeral. We’re referring to the drubbing that tech stocks took this past week.
S&P 500: 4662.85

Jan 7

Not Even Tesla Stock Can Fight the Fed. Why Your Favorite Stocks Are Getting Clobbered.
The stock market is supposed to be forward-looking. This past week it was rocked by the minutes of a meeting that ended more than three weeks ago.
S&P 500: 4677.03