wiar 08-15-18

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

August 15 (Wednesday)

World-Beating U.S. Stocks Show No Sign of Falling Back to the Pack (B)
Amazon now owns $1 billion worth of other companies (C)
Buffett’s Berkshire Adds to Bets on Goldman Sachs, Southwest (B)
Asian stocks weaken as Turkey worries weigh, dollar stands tall (R)

Household Borrowing Reaches Record $13.3 Trillion as Rising Rates Have Yet to Bite (W)
Overhaul Boosts Credit Scores of Millions of U.S. Consumers (W)

German Economy Accelerates in Second Quarter (W)

China’s Growth Engine Sputters (W)
China to ensure achievement of annual growth target despite trade war: state planner (R)

Geopolitics & trade
Turkey Shifts Toward Russia as Sanctions Sour U.S. Relations (W)
China could reportedly use its ‘unwritten’ tech rules as an ‘invisible tool’ against US firms (C)
China says U.S. solar tariffs violate trade rules, lodges WTO complaint (R)
Canada to consider steel safeguard response to U.S. tariffs (R)

Industries & companies
FANGs: Apple is beefing up a team to explore making its own health chips (C)
Retail: Kroger to Sell Groceries on Alibaba Site in China (W)
Tech: Microsoft’s Cortana Mistake: Relying on Windows (W)
Wireless: Verizon offers free Apple TVs and YouTube subscriptions to new 5G customers in four cities (C)

Corporate finance
Elon Musk Tweets Another Surprise, Saying Goldman and Silver Lake Are Tesla Advisers (W)

wiar 08-14-18

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

August 14 (Tuesday)

Turkey’s Collapse Sinks Emerging Markets on ‘Manic Monday’ (B)
‘What happens in Turkey won’t stay in Turkey’: Why this debt crisis could be different (C)

CBO Cuts U.S. Growth Forecast (B)
Companies Needing Skilled Workers Look to High Schools (W)

China’s Slower Credit Growth Underscores Worries Over Economy (B)

US politics
A Clampdown Slowing Legal, Not Just Illegal, Immigration (W)
FBI Fires Peter Strzok Over Anti-Trump Text Messages (W)

Geopolitics & trade
India Looks to Curb U.S. Tech Giants (W)

Industries & companies
FANGs: Google’s China plan isn’t just evil — it’s bad for business (WP)
Financials: Banks Finally Start to Pay Their Depositors (W)
Health Care: Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft and others want to fix one of the most broken things about health care (C)
Pharma: Bayer Shares Plunge After Monsanto Weed Killer Ruling (W)

Corporate finance
Elon Musk says he’s working with Goldman Sachs and Silver Lake on taking Tesla private (C)
Chinese electric car company Nio seeks to raise $1.8 billion in IPO (C)

Technology & cryptocurrency
Banks and Retailers Are Tracking How You Type, Swipe and Tap (N)
Ether Tumbles as Concern Increases That ICOs Are Cashing Out (B)

wiar 08-13-18

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

August 13 (Monday)

Dow Drops 149 Points as Turkey Takes a Dive (BR)
Turkish Lira’s Fall in Focus for Investors (W)
Turkey says it will introduce economic plan on Monday to ease market concerns (C)

Central banks
BOJ’s ‘Stealth Tapering’ Expected to Spread to Equities Buying (B)
China Faces Problem in Getting Its Banks to Lend More Money (B)

Rumors of the death of the housing market may be exaggerated (MW)

Abe’s Window for Amending Japan’s Pacifist Constitution Narrows (W)

China’s Giant Banks Top This Ranking. And That’s a Cause for Concern (B)

Geopolitics & trade
Erdogan Faces Crossroads in Turkey-U.S. Dispute (W)
China Seeks Influence in Europe, One Business Deal at a Time (N)
Is China losing the trade war against America? (E)
U.S. Takes Trade Fight to Smaller Nations (W)
Trump applauds riders who boycott Harley Davidson on overseas production shift, says move abroad is ‘really bad’ (C)

Industries & companies
Autos: Auto industry caught in the trade war crosshairs (C)
Consumer: Kraft Heinz Shares Are Indigestible, for Now (BR)
Energy: Frackers Burn Cash to Sustain U.S. Oil Boom (W)
Tech: Google Woos Partners for Potential China Expansion (W)
Tech: How Jack Dorsey Has Led Twitter and Square to Gains (BR)

Corporate finance
Elon Musk’s fight with short sellers advanced by first lawsuit over Tesla’s going-private tease (MW)

IBM Bet Big on Using Watson to Improve Cancer Care. It Fell Short. (W)

wiar 08-11-18

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

August 11 (Saturday)

Markets I
Dow falls nearly 200 points as a currency crisis in Turkey rattles U.S. investors (MW)
Turkey Crisis Rattles Currency Markets, Pushes Dollar Higher (W)
Euro Becomes Collateral Damage as Trump Amps Up Turkey Pressure (B)
Turkey’s Meltdown Sends Shock Waves Through Emerging Markets (B)
Why Trump is attacking Turkey with sanctions and tariffs (C)
Trump Embraces Market Pain With Little Concern for Contagion (B)

Markets II
ETF Investors Go on a Retail Shopping Spree (B)
Credit Market’s ‘Eyeball Valuations’ Raise Investors’ Eyebrows (B)

Central banks
PBOC Vows No ‘Strong’ Stimulus, Says Won’t Use Yuan in Trade War (B)

Rising U.S. Consumer Prices Are Eroding Wage Gains (W)
Ten-Year High in U.S. Core Inflation Is Less Exciting Under the Hood (B)
An Economic Upturn Begun Under Obama Is Now Trump’s to Tout (N)

As Chinese Investors Panic Over Dubious Products, Authorities Quash Protests (N)

Turkey on the Economic Brink, Explained in a Dozen Charts (W)

US politics
US budget deficit increases 21%, on track for biggest gap in six years (C)
Trump’s Space Force will have to deal with lethal hypersonic weapons, Air Force General says (C)

Geopolitics & trade
Parts Shortages Crimp Manufacturers (W)
U.S. Orders Chinese Company to Sell Manhattan Building Near Trump Tower (W)

Industries & companies
Autos: Public or Private, Tesla Fans Are Along for the Ride (W)
Retail: Adidas sales outpacing Nike in North America (P)
Retail: Golf equipment sales see 8 percent uptick (P)
Tech: Qualcomm to settle Taiwan antitrust case for $93 million (P)

Hedge fund manager betting against Tesla gets box of short shorts from Elon Musk: ‘He is a man of his word!’ (C)
You See Less Than You Think (W)

wiar 08-10-18

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

August 10 (Friday)

Markets in U.S. Are Defying the Tumult Convulsing Rest of World (B)
Growth stocks rebound after big sell-off, could signal more gains for broader market (C)
If Elon Musk takes Tesla private, that’ll mark the top of the market (Money Week)
August Has a History of Crushing Dreams for Stock-Market Bulls (B)
Dollar Pushes Ahead as Investors Seek Safety (W)
America’s rapid march to energy independence has slowed under Trump (C)

The Big, Dangerous Bubble in Corporate Debt (N)
U.S. Producer Prices Tame in July (W)
Trucking’s Tight Capacity Squeezes U.S. Businesses (W)

US politics
CBO: Debt Will Rise to ‘Unsustainable’ Levels if Congress Extends Tax Cuts, Maintains Spending (W)
Donald Trump’s public relations battle against Robert Mueller appears to be working — for now (C)
Cuomo Attacks Trump Plan for Capital Gains Tax Cut (B)
Trump Is Right: China Should Stop Stealing the U.S.’s Best Ideas (B)

U.S. Crude Oil Drops Off China’s Target List (W)
Fish Caught in America, Processed in China Get Trapped by Trade Dispute (W)

Outer space politics
Pence Lays Out Plans for ‘Space Force’ Sought by Trump (W)
Trump’s ‘Space Force,’ with the help of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, could start a new space race (MW)

Industries & companies
Financials: JPMorgan’s ETF Business Is Finally Catching Up to Goldman (W)
Health Care: Amazon has plans to open its own health clinics for Seattle employees (C)
Media: Viacom’s Revenue Falls on Slump in Ad Sales (W)
Retail: Playing Catch-Up With Walmart, Amazon Offers Digital Grocery Pickup at Whole Foods (N)
Tech: Samsung Introduces Galaxy Note 9, a Smartphone Strikingly Like Its Predecessor (W)
Tech: Yelp Shares Surge on Ad Business Growth (W)

Amazon is hiring more than 200 people to work from home — here are tips to land a job (C)
Oscars to Add ‘Popular Film’ Category, Creating Questions (N)
Meet the Chatbots Providing Mental Health Care (W)

wiar 08-09-18

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

August 09 (Thursday)

Traders Pile Into Bets That Stock Rally Will Continue (W)

U.S. to Impose Tariffs on Another $16 Billion in Chinese Imports (W)
China Retaliates With New Tariffs, Hunkering Down for Long Trade Fight (W)
Trump’s Tariffs Are Changing Trade With China. Here Are 2 Emerging Endgames. (N)

Jobs Go Unfilled as the Economy Expands (W)

The EU Spent a Bundle to Unify the Continent. It’s Not Working. (W)

US politics
IRS Cracks Down on the ‘Crack and Pack’ (W)

Industries & companies
Autos: SEC Review of Musk Tesla Tweets Likely to Focus on Truthfulness (B)
Media: 21st Century Fox’s Profit Surges on Growth in Cable, Film Businesses (W)
Media: How MoviePass Has Changed Ticket Buying (Atlantic)
Retail: Amazon Captures 5 Percent of American Retail Spending. Is That a Lot? (B)
Tech: New York City just voted to cap Uber and Lyft vehicles, and that could make rides more expensive (C)
Tech: Why a Cap on Uber in New York Would be a Major Blow for the Ride-Hail Giant (N)

Corporate finance
DealBook Briefing: How on Earth Will Tesla Go Private? (N)
Tesla still hasn’t said where its secured financing is coming from — here’s what that probably means (C)
Physicians come out against CVS-Aetna merger (P)

Video: Test Driving Magic Leap’s Augmented-Reality Goggles (MW)

The Money Laundering Hub On the U.S. Border? It’s Canada (W)

wiar 08-08-18

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

August 08 (Wednesday)

Markets I
Stocks Rise on Strong Earnings Reports (W)
Stocks Give Trump a $1.3 Trillion Reason to Escalate the Trade War (B)
It’s finally time to shift some money into value stocks (MW)
Growth or value stocks? These companies may provide the best of both worlds (MW)

Markets II
China Uses Lower-Profile Swaps Market to Bolster Yuan (W)
China Is Asking Banks to Avoid Yuan Market ‘Herd Behavior’ (B)

Investors Cheer—and Fear—Japan’s Fastest Wage Growth Since 1990s (W)

US politics
Sorry, Democratic Socialists — you’re still pushing poison (P)

Geopolitics & trade
Trump’s ‘Great Deal’ With South Korea Jeopardized by Car Tariff Dispute (W)

Industries & companies
Energy: American Refiners Reap Big Profits as Production Soars (W)
Financials: After Kroger strikes back at Visa, battle over credit-card fees may only get worse (MW)
Media: Disney slips 2% after earnings miss (C)
Restaurants: Papa John’s shares plunge after the company misses second-quarter earnings estimates (C)
Retail: A Guide to Walmart’s Ragtag Alliance Against Amazon (B)

Corporate finance
Musk Considers Taking Tesla Private, Valuing Company at $82 Billion (B)
Tesla confirms intention to go private after Musk tweets, sending stock up 11% (MW)
Securities lawyers shocked by Elon Musk’s tweet, point to potential legal minefield (C)

Worries Mount Over Ability to Weaponize Drones (W)

‘Every Minute Matters’: Disney Diehards Race to Hit 49 Rides in One Day (W)
Lance Bass lost a bidding war on ‘The Brady Bunch’ house—how home buyers can avoid a similar fate (MW)

wiar 08-07-18

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

August 07 (Tuesday)

U.S. Stocks Rise on Robust Earnings Season (W)
The Stock Market Is Shrinking. That’s a Problem for Everyone. (N)
Jamie Dimon cautions the 10-year Treasury yield could hit 5%: ‘It’s a higher probability than most people think’ (C)

Central banks
Don’t Worry About the End of QE, Worry About Rates (W)

Goldman, Morgan Stanley raise GDP outlooks, and Goldman says jobless rate could be lowest since 1953 (C)
The GDPNow model estimate for real GDP growth (saar) for Q3-2018 is 4.4% down from 5.0% (FRB-ATL)
GDP, Labor Force Participation and Economic Growth (FRB-SL)
Conference Board’s Employment Trends Increased in July (W)
The Call to Care for Aging Parents Comes Sooner Now (W)

China millennials’ love of credit cards raises debt fears (FT)
A Generation Grows Up in China Without Google, Facebook or Twitter (N)
China drug scandals highlight risks to global supply chain (FT)

US politics
U.S. Corporate Tax Cuts Likely to Hit Other Countries’ Bottom Lines (W)
A Team Comfortable With Letting Trump Be Trump (W)

China’s stock market plunge will not force the country to give up in its trade war with US (C)

Industries & companies
Consumer: Pepsi CEO Nooyi to Step Down; Veteran Set to Take Helm (W)
FANGs: Facebook Shares Rise on Optimism for Banking Relationships (B)
FANGs: Facebook Asked Banks to Share Data on Their Customers (W)
FANGs: Tech Giants Embrace the Unthinkable: Privacy Legislation (W)
Financials: HSBC’s Profit Dented by Higher Expenses (W)
Financials: Insurers Are Speeding Up Claims. Their Worry: More Mistakes (W)
Health Care: GM Cuts Different Type of Health-Care Deal (W)
Media: MoviePass Slashes Offering to Three Films a Month (W)

Corporate finance
AT&T Not Out of the Legal Woods Yet (W)

NYSE parent launches digital currency exchange (P)

New! YRI Video Podcasts: Full-time employment continues to rise to new record highs
Daily Markets Overview

wiar 08-06-18

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

August 06 (Monday)

The 3 Biggest Risks in Global Investing and How to Avoid Them: Populism, Trade, Currency (BR)
Opinion: Seven reasons why you need to lighten up on stocks today (MW)
Value Stocks Rebound (W)
The tech giants are still in rude health (E)
China Bears Score $7.1 Billion Victory in Long-Running ‘Pain Trade’ (W)
U.S.’s Kudlow Trash Talks China Calling It ‘Lousy Investment’ (B)

How U.S. Companies Are Coping With Inflation and Scarce Labor (B)

Japanese firms get better at selling to seniors (E)

How China Is Evolving From Copycat Medicines Into a Producer of Complex Drugs (W)

US politics
Trump Defends Son’s Meeting With Russians as `Totally Legal’ (B)
Opinion: New warnings about cuts to Social Security and Medicare are a reason to worry (MW)

Trump Says U.S. Now Has the Upper Hand on China in Tariff Battle (B)
China, Trade, and Technology: A Worst-Case Scenario (BR)
White House is not ruling out slapping auto tariffs on Canada, an official says (C)

Industries & companies
Autos: Honda Took Pride in Doing Everything Itself. The Cost of Technology Made That Impossible. (W)
Media: CBS Has Too Much Drama for Shareholders Now (BR)

Technology & cryptocurrency
Why Swedes are inserting microchips into their bodies (E)
Should Artificial Intelligence Copy the Human Brain? (W)
CRISPR Technology Still Holds Big Promise (BR)
Cryptocurrency ‘Pump-and-Dump’ Schemes Generate Big Coin (W)

The bizarre new way people are finding jobs: Tinder (MW)

wiar 08-04-18

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

August 04 (Saturday)

Upbeat earnings lift stocks as trade fears cap gains and pressure dollar (R)
Peak Earnings? Investors May Think So. Analysts Really Don’t (B)
China Fights Back After Yuan Slide (W)

Central banks
Low inflation and rising global debt: just a coincidence? (BIS)
Minutes of the Monetary Policy Meeting on June 14 and 15, 2018 (BOJ)

U.S. economy adds fewer jobs in July than forecast, but unemployment rate falls (MW)
Why a few economists think US job growth might not last without one key ingredient (C)
Who’s cashing in on roaring economy? By the size of paychecks, not most workers (MW)

Geopolitics & trade
China Threatens Retaliatory Tariffs on $60 Billion of U.S. Products (W)
There is ‘zero’ engagement between US and China as trade tensions escalate, official says (C)
Tit-For-Tat Becomes the Norm as U.S., China Dig In for Trade War (B)

Industries & companies
Consumer: Kraft Heinz Projects Stronger Sales Growth (W)
FANGs: Apple’s software suggests a larger iPhone X is coming (C)

Microsoft is building out A.I., but here’s what it thinks could go wrong (C)