wiar 05-14-19

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

May 14 (Tuesday)

Stocks Sink as U.S.-China Trade Dispute Escalates (W)
Stock sell-off set to continue Tuesday as Dow Futures open lower (C)
The biggest Dow losers since the trade war escalated show investors fleeing companies with China business (C)
China’s ‘self-destructive nuclear option’ in trade war: Selling US Treasury bonds (C)
4 reasons why China won’t use ‘nuclear option’ of selling Treasurys to retaliate against U.S. (MW)

Central banks
Rosengren Says Fed Needs More Time to Weigh Trade War Impact (B)

April Inflation Expectations Fell, N.Y. Fed Says (W)
Morgan Stanley: More tariffs will lead to a US recession (C)
U.S. Consumers at the Mall Won’t Be Able to Avoid Trade War Hit (B)
Rising Rents for Millennials Give Rise to a New Breed of Lender (W)

US politics
House Republicans Demand Hearing on MMT to Get Democrats on the Record (B)
Bernie Sanders Railed Against the Campaign-Finance System. Now, He’s Benefiting From It. (W)

Geopolitics & trade
Fresh Tariffs Heighten Standoff (W)
U.S. Readies New Tariffs as Trump Says He’ll Meet China’s Xi (B)
From tequila to TV cameras — here is a list of US goods China is targeting with a 25% tariff (C)
U.S. Says Iran Likely Behind Ship Attacks (W)

Industries & companies
FAANGs: Amazon, in Need of Drivers, Turns to Its Own Employees (W)
FAANGs: Here’s why Apple is so vulnerable to a trade war with China (C)
Pharma: In Latest Roundup Defeat for Bayer, Couple Awarded $2 Billion (W)

Corporate finance
T-Mobile and Sprint Consider Concessions to Save Their Merger (B)
Uber Stock’s Plunge Is Blemish on IPO Market (W)

How a James Comey Tweet Fueled a Conspiracy Theory That Upended a California Town (N)
Measles Outbreaks, Up to 839 Cases, Show No Sign of Slowing (W)

wiar 05-13-19

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

May 13 (Monday)

Volatility in Stocks Could Unravel Bets on Calm Markets (W)
Yen Strengthens Amid U.S.-China Uncertainty (B)
Copper Prices Might Be Down, but a Longer-term Shortage Is Looming (BR)

Central banks
No major US company surveyed by CNBC supports Trump’s call for Fed to cut interest rates (C)

Tight U.S. Job Market Squeezes Smallest Businesses the Most (W)

US politics
Trump Has a Strong Economy to Proclaim. In Wisconsin, It Just Might Work. (N)

Geopolitics & trade I
China Invites U.S. Negotiators to Continue Trade Talks, White House Economics Adviser Says (W)
Trump Warns China to Act on U.S. Trade Deal or Face Worse Terms (B)
U.S. Gives China a Month for Trade Deal as Talks Deadlocked (B)
U.S.-China Trade Standoff May Be Initial Skirmish in Broader Economic War (N)
Frustration, Miscalculation: Inside the U.S.-China Trade Impasse (W)

Geopolitics & trade II
Kudlow acknowledges US will pay for China tariffs, contradicting Trump (C)
Kudlow says Trump and Xi are likely to meet at G-20 summit despite trade dispute (C)
The cost of Trump’s tariffs has fallen ‘entirely’ on US businesses and households: Goldman (C)
Trump’s hard-line views on trade were formed long before he targeted China with tariffs (C)

Industries & companies
Aerospace: When MAXs Fly Again, Will Passengers Get on Board? (W)
Consumer: Beware the Bourbon Bubble (BR)
FAANGs: Amazon’s Size Is Becoming a Problem—for Amazon (W)
Financials: No Branch, No Problem. Citigroup Bets Big on Digital Banking. (W)
Shipping: UPS Stock Is Poised to Deliver. Here’s Why. (BR)
Shipping: J.B. Hunt Stock Is a Bargain Play in Intermodal Shipping (BR)
Tech: Uber and Lyft Face Hurdle of Finding and Keeping Drivers (W)

Corporate finance
Uber’s IPO caps an era of mediocrity and small thinking in Silicon Valley (C)

Your 5G Phone Won’t Hurt You. But Russia Wants You to Think Otherwise. (N)

wiar 05-11-19

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

May 11 (Saturday)

Dow stages 450-point comeback, ends the day higher after Trump says China trade talks to continue (C)
The ‘Trump put’ saves stocks as investors bet the president won’t let the market collapse (C)
This Week’s Trade Standoff Wipes $2 Trillion Off Global Stocks (W)
Trade Turmoil Strains Emerging- Market Currency Rally (W)

Central banks
Fed Seen as More Likely to Cut Rates After U.S. Tariff Boost (B)

Soft Underlying Price Pressures Reaffirm Fed’s Patient Posture (W)

US politics
House Democrats subpoena Trump’s tax returns from Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, IRS chief (C)

Geopolitics & trade
Trump says China tariffs ‘may or may not be removed’ while trade talks continue (C)
U.S.-China Trade Talks End Without a Deal (W)
U.S. Gives China a Month for Trade Deal as Talks Deadlocked (B)

Industries & companies
FAANGs: The inside story of why Amazon bought PillPack in its effort to crack the $500 billion prescription market (C)
Hotels: Marriott Revenue Lags as Slower Economic Growth Pressures Hotels (W)
Media: Viacom Revenue Falls as It Looks Beyond TV Sets for Growth (W)
Tech: Uber ends its first day of trading down more than 7% (C)

Corporate finance
Budweiser Brewer Plans $7 Billion Hong Kong IPO (W)

How a Chinese Scientist Broke the Rules to Create the First Gene-Edited Babies (W)

wiar 05-10-19

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

May 10 (Friday)

Stock market on edge as traders wait to see if Trump hikes tariffs (C)
U.S. Yield Curve Inverts for the First Time Since March (B)

U.S. goods trade deficit with China tumbles to five-year low (R)
US companies are preparing for pain ahead of tariff hike: ‘I can’t sit here and cry’ (C)
U.S. housing agency wants new rules to attract mortgages from banks (R)
Mortgage rates slump for a 3rd week as big questions dog the housing market (MW)

US politics
Trump picks acting Pentagon chief and former Boeing executive Patrick Shanahan to become next secretary of Defense (C)

Geopolitics & trade
Trump rattles saber at China ahead of make-or-break trade talks (R)
Trump says deal with China is still possible, but tariffs are an ‘excellent’ alternative (C)
Exclusive: U.S. commander says he could send carrier into Strait of Hormuz despite Iran tensions (R)

Industries & companies
FAANGs: Facebook is not a monopoly, and breaking it up would be government overreach (C)
FAANGs: Amazon Accused of Violating Kids’ Privacy (W)
Tech: Symantec CEO Greg Clark steps down, stock drops (C)

Corporate finance
Uber valued at $82 billion, the low end of expectations (R)
Chevron Exits Bidding for Anadarko, Ceding Victory to Occidental (W)

Cybersecurity Jobs Abound. No Experience Required. (W)

wiar 05-09-19

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

May 09 (Thursday)

Trump’s tariff deadline looms as Wall Street hedges for all outcomes in trade showdown (C)
Here are the stocks to buy if an all-out U.S.-China trade-war erupts, says Goldman (MW)

How our low inflation world was made (FT)

US politics
Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenas Donald Trump Jr. about prior claim to have limited role in Moscow deal (C)
House Judiciary Panel Votes to Hold Barr in Contempt (W)

Geopolitics & trade
Trump: China ‘broke the deal’ in trade talks (C)
Exclusive: China backtracked on almost all aspects of U.S. trade deal – sources (R)
China says it will take ‘necessary’ countermeasures if US raises tariffs Friday (C)
China Threatens Retaliation as U.S. Files Paperwork to Raise Tariffs (W)

Industries & companies
Financials: For Blackstone, Insurance Is Next Big Push on Route to $1 Trillion Goal (W)
Media: Disney earnings beat, but movie revenue drops ahead of ‘Endgame’ windfall (MW)
Media: Disney Spends Big on Its Streaming Bet (W)
Media: Fox Profit, Revenue Rise in First Quarter Since Spinoff (W)
Media: Fox Sports becomes the first big media company to put its brand on a sports betting product (C)
Pharma: Genetically Engineered Viruses Treat Antibiotic-Resistant Infection (W)
Retail: Walmart Store Managers Make $175,000 a Year on Average (W)

Corporate finance
Uber Set to Price IPO at Midpoint of Target Range or Below (W)

A malware attack against accounting software giant Wolters Kluwer is causing a ‘quiet panic’ at accounting firms (C)
Hackers Swipe More Than $40 Million of Bitcoin (W)
Amazon Hit by Extensive Fraud With Hackers Siphoning Merchant Funds (B)

wiar 05-08-19

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

May 08 (Wednesday)

Dow drops 470 points on growing trade-war threat, biggest decline since early January (C)
Trade war fears are crushing stocks, and sell-off could keep going if there is no deal by Friday (C)
Property Slowdown Beckons as Next Risk for Emerging Markets (B)

China Is Losing Its Grip on Companies Due to Trump’s Trade War (B)
China Defaults Hit Record in 2018. The 2019 Pace Is Triple That. (B)
China’s Sinking Online Lenders Seek Lifeline From Big Investors (B)

Japan’s labor shortage eats away at back-breaking work culture (R)

US politics
Decade in the Red: Trump Tax Figures Show Over $1 Billion in Business Losses (N)
Pelosi Issues Impeachment Warning as White House Escalates Fight (B)

Geopolitics & trade
China Agrees to Resume U.S. Trade Negotiations (W)
China Hawks Gain Upper Hand as Trump Squeezes Beijing Over Trade (B)
Here’s what it looks like if Trump starts a trade war with China (C)

Industries & companies
Airlines: Despite recent accidents, airlines have never been safer (MW)
Autos: GM’s Cruise Receives $1.2 Billion Equity Investment (W)
FAANGs: Tech Giants Rethink the Businesses That Made Them Big (W)
Media: Disney Reveals Movie Lineup Through 2027 (W)
Pharma: A $2 Million Drug Is About to Hit the Market (W)
Tech: Lyft posts large loss in its first quarterly report as a public company (C)

Corporate finance
Bristol-Myers Sells $19 Billion of Bonds to Fund Celgene Purchase (W)

No settlement expected in $27 million SEC ‘market manipulation’ case, court filing says (C)

wiar 05-07-19

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

May 07 (Tuesday)

U.S. Stocks Fall as Trade Tensions With China Intensify (W)
Here’s why the stock market isn’t crashing and is making a comeback after Trump’s trade threat (C)
Growth Is Great, What Could Go Wrong? Trade. (W)
Trump’s Trade War Threat Poses Problems for China and Investors (N)
Investors are losing thousands trying to ‘time’ the market (N)
Robo-Trading Electrifies Sleepy Municipal Bond Market (W)

Central banks
‘Tone Deaf’ Powell Leaves Wall Street Dazed by Changing Views (B)
Fed faces tough sell on inflation framework (R)
Fed’s Harker Expects One More Rate Hike in 2019 and Another in 2020 (W)

Blame outsized debt if we can’t hit 3 percent growth consistently

US politics
Trump May Redefine Poverty, Cutting Americans From Welfare Rolls (B)

Geopolitics & trade
Trump reignites the China trade war — here’s how we got here (C)
Trump Threatened Tariffs After Hearing of Chinese Reversal (B)
New tariffs would make the US one of the most protectionist countries in the world (C)
Tariff Threats Pose Challenge for Xi to Keep Talks on Track (W)

Industries & companies
Autos: ‘Tesla dream’ is dead as investors face ‘Tesla reality’ (C)
Consumer: Kraft Heinz to Restate Financial Results Following Investigation (W)
Financials: Big Banks Seek to Liberate Billions of Dollars (W)
Financials: Goldman Lost the Uber IPO, It Has a 12,000% Consolation Prize Instead (B)
Health Care: Health tech start-up uBiome suspends clinical operations following FBI raid (C)
Media: XFL Strikes TV Deals With Fox and Disney (W)

Misplaced Coffee Cup on ‘Game of Thrones’ Brews Buzz for Starbucks (W)

wiar 05-06-19

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

May 06 (Monday)

Dow futures drop more than 450 points amid report China may cancel trade talks due to Trump threats (C)
The Everything Rally Is Back, Worrying Some Investors (W)
5 Stocks to Ride the Coming Wave in Millennial Spending (BR)
Opinion: Now is the right time to turn cautious on the stock market (MW)

Central banks
Moore, Cain Withdrawals Re-Up Search for Supporters on Fed Board (W)

The Economy That Wasn’t Supposed to Happen: Booming Jobs, Low Inflation (N)
Why US economic growth isn’t as strong as it looks (NN)
Beware of the Misconceptions About Millennials (BR)
The Real Reason for Income Inequality? The Fed (Fortune)
Social Security, a lifeline for millions, needs its own life preserver (C)

Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, is taking her time to retire (E)

Geopolitics & trade
Trump says tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods will increase to 25%, blames slow progress in trade talks (C)
No, The China Trade War Has Not Destroyed U.S. Trade (Forbes)

Industries & companies
Aerospace: Boeing says disabled alert on 737 Max wasn’t necessary for safe operation of aircraft (C)
FAANGs: Amazon can already ship to 72% of US population within a day, this map shows (C)
Media: ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Surpasses $2 Billion (W)
Retail: The Best Deal at Burlington Stores May Be the Stock (BR)

Corporate finance
Corporate buybacks will fuel the next recession and it could happen this year, says Wall Street bear (C)

wiar 05-04-19

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

May 04 (Saturday)

If This Is a Tech Bubble in Stocks, It’s the Expansionary Phase (B)

Central banks
Fed Officials Diverge on Need for Possible Interest-Rate Cut (B)
Clarida Says Fed Can Be Data Dependent as Economy in Good Shape (B)
White House Escalates Feud With Fed (W)
Paul Winfree Under Consideration for Federal Reserve (W)

Strong Hiring, Low Unemployment Rate Signal Solid Growth (W)
Jobs Report Won’t Alter Fed’s Wait-and-See Approach (W)
Key Sector of Economy Is Slowing, But Economists Think It May Be a Good Thing (W)

US politics
Senate Has a Duty to Denounce MMT, Republicans Say in Resolution (B)
A parody website with embarrassing photos of Joe Biden is outranking his official campaign page on Google (C)

Geopolitics & trade
Trump and Putin talked about Mueller report, Venezuela and North Korea during phone call (C)

Industries & companies
Aerospace: Boeing Test Pilots Lacked Key Details of 737 MAX Flight-Control System (W)
Autos: Fiat Chrysler Sees 29% Drop in Operating Profit (W)
Autos: Here’s the email Tesla sent employees telling them to stop leaking info (C)
Autos: GM joins Tesla, Ford in building EV pickups — but Texas ranchers don’t want a ‘playboy’s truck’ (C)
FAANGs: OK Google, How’s YouTube Doing? (W)
Financials: HSBC Beats Expectations, but Brexit Clouds Outlook (W)
Media: Cord-Cutting Clips Dish Network’s Profit (W)
Retail: Adidas Picks Up Pace in Race Against Nike in North America (W)
Tech: Uber Wants to Be the Uber of Everything—But Can It Make a Profit? (W)

Corporate finance
SoftBank Considers IPO for $100 Billion Vision Fund (W)
Tesla Completes $2.35 Billion Stock and Bond Sale (W)

wiar 05-03-19

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

May 03 (Friday)

Opinion: Americans’ living standards are at an all-time high. Here’s proof (MW)
Daily Markets Overview

U.S. Stocks Decline as Oil Prices Fall Sharply (W)
After Oil, U.S. Weighs Sanctions on Iran’s Other Dollar Sources (W)

Central banks
Fed Is Shifting the Goal Posts, and Investors Should Care (W)
Federal Reserve fends off efforts to be politicized by President Trump… for now (C)
Tweak to U.S. payment to banks may bolster Fed’s credibility (R)
Head of world’s largest hedge fund says adoption of unorthodox monetary policy is ‘inevitable’ (MW)
My Brush With Personal Destruction (W)
Stephen Moore withdraws from Fed consideration, Trump says (C)
Trump’s 0-for-4 Streak on Fed Choices Raises Concern on Vetting (B)

Millennials are pouring into these smaller cities and buying homes (C)
Why Wages Are Finally Rising, 10 Years After the Recession (N)
Where the Good Jobs Are (N)

Euro-Area Factory Slump Eases in April as Italy Exceeds Estimate (B)

US politics
Biden Faces Early Heat From the Left (W)
Cory Booker’s 2020 Presidential Campaign Is Short of Donor Threshold (W)
Pelosi Says Barr Lied to Congress (W)
CBO Sees National Debt Continuing to Grow (W)
Washington’s Biggest Lobbyist, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Gets Shut Out (W)

Geopolitics & trade
Foxconn Chairman Meets With Trump as Wisconsin Plant Plans Fall Behind (W)
U.S. Boosts Natural-Gas Exports to EU, Aiming to Dent Russian Sales (W)

Industries & companies
Autos: Tesla rolls out employee loan benefit as factory workers cope with unpredictable hours (C)
FAANGs: Potential Facebook Settlement With FTC Likely to Include WhatsApp (W)
FAANG: Facebook Building Cryptocurrency-Based Payments System (W)
FAANGs: Facebook Bans Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones, Others as ‘Dangerous’ (W)
Retail: Walmart to Try Thinning Store Manager Ranks (W)

Corporate finance
Sinclair to buy Disney’s sports networks in $10 billion deal: WSJ (R)
Tesla Looks to Sell $2.3 Billion in Stock, Bonds to Raise Cash (W)
Verizon Looks to Unload Tumblr Blogging Site (W)