wiar 1-12-17

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January 12  (Thursday)

Jeff Gundlach gives his full outlook for markets and the economy in 2017 (BI)
Gross says this key bond level is a far bigger deal than Dow 20,000 (MW)
Wall Street’s Most Famous Quants Fed Up With JPMorgan Soothsayer (B)

Iraq plans record February Basra oil exports despite OPEC cut in force (R)

Central banks
Don’t expect the bond vigilantes to do the Fed’s work (MW)

1930s-like Demographic Headwinds Are Restraining the U.S. Economy (B)
Studies Find Higher Minimum Wage May Have Losers (N)
Headhunters Are Throwing Cash at People Who Know How to Flip Burgers (B)

Italy’s New Prime Minister in Intensive Care After Surgery (W)

In China, Insurers Sell Risky Products to Fund Risky Investments (W)
China’s central bank launches spot checks on bitcoin exchanges (R)

US politics
Trump’s Border Tax Threat May Weaponize the Dollar (B)
Jeff Sessions Says He Would Be Independent and Stand Up to Trump (N)
Trump to Step Down From Business But Won’t Divest Ownership (B)
Trump says his sons will oversee business while he is president (R)
Ex-U.K. Intelligence Officer Prepared Dossier on Trump (W)
Trump says he’s a ‘germaphobe’ as he dismisses salacious allegations (C)
Trump blasts BuzzFeed as ‘failing pile of garbage;’ refuses question by CNN reporter (C)
Obama’s Farewell Address: ‘Yes, We Did’ (N)
Obama: Don’t Blame Me For The Democrats’ Demise

Q&A: What to Know About Rex Tillerson’s Ties to Russia (W)
Tillerson Pressed Aggressively on Russia at Hearing (B)
Tillerson Declines to Pledge U.S. Would Renew Russia Sanctions (W)
Chinese bomber flies around contested Spratlys in show of force: U.S. official (R)
Taiwan scrambles jets, navy as China aircraft carrier enters Taiwan Strait (R)

Industries & companies
Autos: Two of the best cars at the Detroit auto show were boring sedans (BI)
Financials: Bank Earnings Will Need to Live Up to Lofty Expectations (W)
Pharma: Drug Stocks Plunge as Trump Threatens to Force Price Bidding (B)
Pharma: Trump says pharmaceutical companies ‘getting away with murder’ (R)
Retail: Wal-Mart Plans New Round of Job Cuts (W)
Tech: ‘Fang’ stocks add $83bn to their market value over 7 days
Tech: Apple seeks to expand manufacturing in Arizona (C)

Bitcoin is getting demolished (BI)

George Lucas’ $1 billion ‘Star Wars’ museum finds Los Angeles home (R)