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January 14  (Saturday)

Industries & companies
Defense: Lockheed Martin ‘Close’ To New F-35 Deal (W)
Financials: Trump Trading Boom Is Boon to Big Bank Earnings (W)
Financials: Wall Street wins big from Trump transition (FT)
Financials: JPMorgan beats, has a record-breaking quarter (BI)
Financials: Bank of America Profit Rises 43% on Trading Gains, Cost Cuts (B)
Financials: Wells Fargo Risks Falling Behind in Era of Rising Rates (W)
Financials: BlackRock Fourth-Quarter Profit Rose (B)
Retail: Wal-Mart to Shake Up Online Team, Cut Prices in Amazon Fight (B)

Central banks
Yellen Thinks U.S. Economy Has No Serious Short-Term Obstacles (B) | Yellen speech
Bullard Discusses Low Interest Rates on CNBC
Bullard speach: Five Macroeconomic Questions for 2017
Inside the Fed’s Head: The 2011 Transcripts (B)

Davos Wonders If It’s Part of the Problem (B)

Retail sales jump in December on strong car and online shopping (BI)
Stop Waiting for Governments to Close the Skills Gap (HBR)

China posts worst export fall since 2009 as fears of U.S. trade war loom (R)
China’s trade surplus narrowed in December as exports underwhelm (BI)
China Overseas Investment Spree Set to Run Out of Steam (W)

Japan households’ inflation expectations hit four-year low: BOJ (R)
Trump’s Remarks on Trade Deficit Rattle Japan (W)

US politics I
Why Trump’s Obamacare Promise Will Be So Hard to Keep (N)
Obamacare Repeal’s First Step Clears Congress (B)
Latest to Disagree With Donald Trump: His Cabinet Nominees (N)
Trump’s Nominees Diverge on Russia, Security Issues (W)
CIA will not resume waterboarding, says Trump nominee (FT)

US politics II
Goldman Sachs Completes Return From Wilderness to the White House (N)
Anthony Scaramucci is headed to the White House as an assistant to Trump (BI)
Rudy Giuliani’s Cybersecurity Role Reflects Diminished Place in Trump World (N)
Trump Looking Beyond Traditional Medical Experts for FDA Commissioner (W)
Trump blames ‘both Democrats and Republicans’ for allegations (R)

China warns that Trump’s secretary of state pick could talk his way into war (BI)
Trump’s Pick on Trade Could Put China in a Difficult Spot (N)
China Needs Trade With Trump’s America More Than It Admits (W)
China rules the waves: how Beijing built a maritime superpower (FT)
Iran’s Revolutionary Guards position for power (R)

Robots Will Take Jobs, but Not as Fast as Some Fear, New Report Says (N)

For Spies Inc., $1,200 an Hour Buys Dirt on the Likes of Trump (B)
Human Rights Group Portrays U.S. as Major Threat, Citing Trump (N)
Milton Friedman’s Cherished Theory Is Laid to Rest – Bloomberg View