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January 23  (Monday)

‘Trump rally’ at crossroads as markets await clear signals (FT)
Investors Taper Bullish Bets (W)
How Often Does a Stock Move 19% in One Day? Not Often (W)
Global Uncertainty Gets Brushed Off in U.S., Europe (W)

OPEC and Friends on Track to Comply With Deal to Cut Output (B)
Oil-Output Cuts Proceeding Faster Than Planned (W)
Why Saudi Arabia May Unravel OPEC’s Big Deal (B)
OPEC Shrugs Off Threat of U.S. Cutting Oil Imports (B)
U.S. Oil Producers Ramp Up Spending (W)

Raging Inflation Has Not Arrived (BR)

Europe’s Future Scares Davos Elite (B)

US politics I
Trump’s inauguration speech — annotated (FT)
Inaugural Speech Dims G.O.P. Hopes for a More Conservative Trump Agenda (N)
Trump Turns a JFK Phrase Against His Message (B)
White House says media delegitimizing Trump, won’t ‘take it’ (R)
Trump Aide Says Press Secretary Presented ‘Alternative Facts’ (B)
Trump attack on media sets tone for start of presidency (FT)

US politics II
Massive Protests Target Trump Agenda (W)
Unprecedented anti-Trump protests led by women (R)
Trump reacts to mass protests with conciliatory tweets (FT)
CEOs Say Take Trump Seriously, But Not Literally (B)
After Trump’s Health-Law Directive, a Dash to Decode It (W)
Trump Reverses Obama’s Mortgage Fee Cuts on First Day (B)

Geopolitics & trade
Trump trade strategy starts with quitting Asia pact: White House (R)
Chief of Taiwan’s Foxconn says rise of protectionism unavoidable (R)
Foxconn CEO says investment for display plant in U.S. would exceed $7 billion (R)
Syria Talks to Test Russia-Turkey Cooperation (W)
Netanyahu to Speak to Trump (W)
May Says She Won’t Back Down From Challenging Trump (W)
Here are the 4 geopolitical hotspots of 2017 (BI)

Industries & companies
Retail: Department stores are facing ‘the worst results since the recession’ (BI)
Tech: Samsung Blames Battery Size for Galaxy Note Fires (W)

Technology’s Long-Term Toll on the Middle Class (W)

Watch Ashley Judd’s ‘Nasty Woman’ Speech at Women’s March [VIDEO] (Variety)
Watch Madonna’s Speech at the Women’s March in Washington [VIDEO] (Variety)
‘Pathetic. Embarrassing’: Morning Joe host dubs Trump press secretary’s first briefing a ‘hostage video’ (BI)