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February 1  (Wednesday)

Will Trump kill the Trump rally? (NN)
Here’s why a Trump-ban selloff may be just the tip of the iceberg (MW)
History suggests that a tough month is ahead for stocks (C)
TRUMP ADVISER: Germany is exploiting the EU and US with a ‘grossly undervalued’ euro (BI)

OPEC achieves 82 percent of pledged oil output cut in January (R)

Central banks
Markets Are Right Not to Fall in Line With Fed’s Dots (B)
Fed Grapples With Massive Portfolio (W)

U.S. Homeownership Rate Falls (W)
Why the Homeownership Rate Isn’t Likely to Take Off Anytime Soon (W)
Home Price Growth Showed No Signs of Slowing in November (W)
Why Single Women Are Buying Homes at Twice the Rate of Single Men (B)
A Job-Hopping Generation Has Second Thoughts (W)

Eurozone Economy Grows at Faster Pace Than U.S. (W)
Italian Banks Get Smarter on Real Estate (W)

US politics I
Trump Taps Gorsuch For High Court (W)
Trump Firing of Acting Attorney General Widens U.S. Immigration Clash (B)
Trump just ousted the acting head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (BI)
Is Trump’s Refugee Ban Legal? The Fight Ahead (B)
‘Outraged by this order’ — Google’s cofounder blasts Trump’s immigration ban in fiery speech (BI)
Amazon Is Working With Lawmakers to Counter Trump’s Immigration Order (W)
Corporate Criticism of Trump’s Travel Ban Moves Beyond Tech (W)

US politics II
Democrats Boycott Hearings for Two Cabinet Nominees (W)
Republicans’ Paths to Unraveling the Dodd-Frank Act (N)
Trump’s isolationism is bad for business (NN)
What Execs Are Saying About Trump’s Policies (B)
What Wall Street thinks about Donald Trump (BI)
Trump vows to continue LGBT workplace rights protection (R)
Carl Bernstein: Trump presidency is in chaos (BI)

Geopolitics & trade
Trump’s Trade War May Have Already Begun (N)
Trump Backlash Turns Mexicans Against Nafta (B)
Mexico sees signs of U.S. change on wall payment (R)
Iran Missile Launch Detected, a Possible Violation of U.N. Resolution (W)
Germany sends tanks to Lithuania for NATO mission (R)

Industries & companies
Energy: Exxon Profit Tumbles on Charge (W)
Financials: Mastercard earnings beat by a penny a share, driven by higher holiday spending (C)
Logistics: UPS shares sink after earnings and revenue miss Street’s expectations (C)
Pharma: Trump vs. Big Pharma on Drug Prices. Any Bets? (B)
Pharma: Trump to meet Novartis CEO, other pharma bosses on Tuesday (R)
Tech: Facebook Is Trying Everything to Re-Enter China—and It’s Not Working (W)
Tech: Apple beats on revenue and profit but forecasts weakness ahead (BI)

Tesla Gives the California Power Grid a Battery Boost (N)

Astronomers found evidence the Milky Way is one of thousands of galaxies being hurled through space by a hidden void (BI)