wiar 2-6-17

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

February 6  (Monday)

Ed Yardeni Sees Upside of 10% for US Stocks (BR)
Is It Too Late to Get In on MLPs’ Latest Bull Run? (BR)

Oil’s Promised Land Slips Away on OPEC Leaks (B)
Gusher in Oil Prices Could Gain Strength (BR)
G.O.P. Hurries to Slash Oil and Gas Rules, Ending Industries’ 8-Year Wait (N)

Central banks
The Uneasy Politician: Yellen Struggles to Fend Off Fed Critics (W)
Schäuble says ECB keeps euro ‘too low’ for Germany (FT)

US politics
Cohn Emerges From Shadows Touting Dodd-Frank Overhaul (B)
Republicans Are Poised to Roll Out Their Roll Back of Dodd-Frank Law (W)
Trump’s border tax plan has one problem (BI)
Democrats See Opening Against Gorsuch in Trump Attack on Judge (B)
‘So-called judge’ derided by Trump known for fairness, work with youth (R)
McConnell Distances Himself From Trump Stances (W)
Why Democrats probably won’t win back Congress in 2018 (BI)

Geopolitics & terrorism
Trump Troubled by Ukraine Fighting, Watching Russian Response (B)
U.S. Issues Perplexing Statement on Ukraine Conflict (W)
U.S. Suggests Path to End Russian Sanctions (W)
Rubio blasts Trump’s defense of Putin: ‘We are not the same’ (BI)
China’s Intelligent Weaponry Gets Smarter (N)
Why cyber attacks are becoming Iran’s weapon of choice (BI)
Not ‘Lone Wolves’ After All: How ISIS Guides World’s Terror Plots From Afar (N)

Mexico Teeters Between Recent U.S. Friendship and 170 Years of Hostility (W)
Mexico warns of global impact if Nafta collapses (FT)

Industries & companies
Financials: Dodd-Frank Rollback Sets Up $100 Billion Windfall for Bank Investors (W)
Retail: Steer Clear of Retail Wrecks (BR)
Tech: This Time, AMD’s Revival Is for Real (BR)

America’s Most Expensive House … Times Two (N)