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February 8  (Wednesday)

Rumors Of The Bond Market Bull’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated (B)
In Shadow of Le Pen and Brexit, Traders Redraw European Strategy (B)
Politics Don’t Scare Fans of Ultralong European Debt (W)
Lazard’s Temple Says Time to Reshape Portfolio on Inflation Risk (B)
Emerging Markets Rally Despite Trump Worries (W)

Central banks
Fed, BOE Join Pimco’s Cold Currency War With Covert Depreciation (B)
Kashkari Says Economy Still Needs Low Rates as Inflation Lags (B)
US Bank Corporate Loan Growth is Stalling (BI)
BOE’s Forbes Says U.K. Economy May Soon Need a Rate Increase (B)

U.S. Trade Gap Widens in 2016 as Exports, Imports Both Shrink (B)
Investors Cut Back on Commercial Property (W)
FRB-ATL: GDPNow model forecast for real GDP growth (saar) for Q1 is 2.7% down from 3.4%

German Industrial Output Unexpectedly Falls Most in 8 Years (B)
Merkel faces clash with Poland’s Jaroslaw Kaczynski (FT)
PwC predict UK economy to be the fastest growing in G7 over the next three decades
Scottish Parliament Votes Against U.K. Pulling Brexit Trigger (B)

Greece, again
IMF says Greece should meet lower fiscal surplus target (R)
IMF board split over bailout terms for Greece (FT)
Greek Two-Year Yields Approach 10% Amid IMF Standoff With EU (B)
Struggling Greece Makes Data the Enemy (W)

China Jan FX reserves fall below $3 trillion for first time in nearly 6 years (R)
As China’s Doors Open, Foreign Investors Worry About Exits (B)
Trump could name China a ‘currency manipulator’ in the coming weeks (BI)
China Courts Ivanka, Jared Kushner to Smooth Ties With Trump (B)

Business bets on Brazil economic rally (FT)
Korea is 20 years away from a ‘demographic time bomb,’ IMF says (BI)
Flood of Cash Swamps India’s Tax Hounds (W)

US politics
GOP Plan to Overhaul Tax Code Gets Held Up at the Border (W)
Trump’s $1 Trillion Plan May Buy Less Metal Than You Think (B)
Trump is promising a big shake-up at the FDA — here’s what that could mean (BI)
Trump’s Immigration Action in Court’s Hands (W)
Tech CEOs Take a Stand Against Trump Order (W)
Trump’s H-1B Visa Crackdown Threatens Cutting-Edge U.S. Medicine (B)
Ivanka Trump: The Quiet Power Behind the President (B)

Geopolitics & cybersecurity
Abe drums up business pledges to woo Trump (FT)
‘Dark Web’ Sites Hit in Cyberattack (W)

Industries & companies
Asset Management: Even if Fiduciary Rule Changes or Dies, Fund Firms’ New Share Classes Will Stay (W)
Autos: GM Closes Profit Gap on Rivals as Truck Sales Rise (W)
Autos: Mexico Is Key Cog in GM’s Profit Machine (W)
Autos: GM hit from Brexit takes shine off strong US sales (FT)
Autos: VW Subsidiary to Invest $2 Billion to Promote Electric Vehicles (B)
Autos: Volkswagen Forms U.S. Unit for Zero-Emission Vehicles (W)
Autos: Ford Tries to Regain Momentum in Oversize SUVs (W)
Financials: Debating Whether Dodd-Frank Is Worth Saving (B)
Financials: Trump’s push to roll back financial regulation is a ‘big mistake’ (BI)
Financials: French bank BNP Paribas is spending €3 billion to ‘build the bank of tomorrow’ (BI)
Pharma: Trump Sinks Drug Stocks Again on Medicare Drug Price Negotiation (B)
Retail: Michael Kors Focuses on Handbag Quality to Battle Discounting (W)
Tech: Apple beat Samsung in smartphone shipments for the first time in 5 years (BI)

Investment: Final call for the research analyst? (FT)
Sen. Warren Book on Middle Class Coming in April (B)