wiar 2-21-17

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February 21  (Tuesday)

European stocks start week on firmer note (FT)
Europe’s Periphery Debt Market Welcomes New Member: France (W)
Le Pen poll lead hits Franco-German bond spread (FT)

A Billion Barrels Bet Oil Prices Will Rally (B)
Russia Overtakes Saudi Arabia as World’s Top Crude Producer (B)
Saudi Arabia Breaks Records on Oil Exports and Output for Year (B)
Saudis Kick Off $50 Billion Renewable Energy Plan to Cut Oil Use (B)

Central banks
President Trump Will Be Able to Recast the Fed by Filling Vacancies (W)

U.K. Factory Orders Rise to Highest Level in Two Years, CBI Says (B)
U.K. Will Need Low-Skilled EU Migrants After Brexit, Davis Says (B)
France is frightening the market, but Italy could be the real threat for investors (C)
France’s far right denounces ‘media stunt’ over fake jobs probe (R)
Greece Misses Another Bailout Deadline as Talks Set to Resume (B)
After seven years of bailouts, Greeks sink yet deeper in poverty (R)

Japan’s Trade Deficit Widens on Drop in Car Exports, Oil Imports (B)

US politics
Trump’s Agenda Is Beset by Opposition on Many Fronts (W)
GOP Tax-Cut Plan Mired Down in Trump Discord (W)
Republicans are struggling to get their act together on Obamacare repeal (BI)
Iconoclast McMaster Tapped as U.S. National Security Adviser (B)
Don’t Dismiss President Trump’s Attacks on the Media as Mere Stupidity (Time)
Trump supports free press: Pence (R)
U.K. Lawmakers Sound Off About Trump’s State Visit (B)
Verify What You Spread, Sweden Premier Says After Trump Comments (B)
EU welcomes Pence assurance of Trump’s support (R)

Mattis Says U.S. Isn’t in Iraq to Take Its Oil (W)
Pence Pledges EU Support on Ukraine, Terror, Economy (W)
Russia’s Ambassador to U.N. Dies Suddenly (W)
Kim Jong Nam Killing Caught on Video (W)
North Korea is a major threat to the country most people think is its friend: China (C)

Industries & companies
Consumer: Kraft’s Interest in Unilever Comes Right Out of 3G’s Playbook (W)
Industrials: Wall Street Starts to Contemplate GE After Jeff Immelt (W)
Retail: Alibaba Teams Up With Traditional Retailer (W)
Tech: Apple claims Brussels tax case breached its rights (FT)
Tech: Samsung Heir, Seeking to Remake Family Legacy, Instead Faces Scandal (W)

Robot tax, odd as it sounds, has some logic (FT)
Mark Cuban: Robots will ‘cause unemployment and we need to prepare for it’ (C)

Texting and Driving: Higher Smartphone Usage Drive Up Insurance Rates (W)
Warren Buffett Lists Longtime Laguna Beach Home for $11 Million (W)
The 15 worst cities for rush hour traffic (NN)