wiar 2-25-17

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February 25  (Saturday)

Stocks Turn Higher in Final Minutes of Trading (W)
Timing the US market a big challenge for passive investors (FT)
How Dangerous Is a Stock Market of Mindless Robots? (W)
America in Cap-Ex Mode Can’t Beat Buybacks as Bull Market Engine (B)

U.S Treasuries Might Finally Be Ready to Stage a Breakaway (B)
High-yield strategies take baton from long duration to end 2016 (P&I)
Reasons for Bunds rush go beyond fears over Le Pen (FT)

Central banks
Fed Isn’t Ready to Cut Balance Sheet Yet (W)
William C Dudley: Transcript of Cornell Annual Predictions Event

Michigan Consumer Sentiment Shows First Post-Election Drop (B)
Sales of New U.S. Homes in January Were Slower Than Forecast (B)

Germany and Italy back Brussels on Brexit (FT)
French Prosecutors Extend Investigation Into Fillon (B)
Marine Le Pen refuses to be questioned by French police (FT)

Capital-Control Policy Puts Brakes on Chinese Investment in Hollywood (W)
China seeks baby boom to counter low birth rates (FT)

US politics
White House denies report that it doesn’t support a controversial Republican tax plan (BI)
Here’s the first look at the House Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare (BI)
Trump Orders Agencies to Identify Unnecessary Regulations (W)
Trump to Call for Repeal of Obama-Era Environmental Rules (W)
White House Denies Briefing Access to New York Times, Politico, CNN (B)
Trump Says His Victory Marked Win for Conservative Values (W)
Contest for Democratic Party Chairman Turns on Local Issues (W)
Priebus Sought FBI Help in Refuting Reports on Russia (W)

Geopolitics & trade
World Trade Flows Grew at Slowest Pace since Financial Crisis in 2016 (W)
U.S. Talks With Mexico Clouded by Mixed Message (W)
Brexit could help EU strike free trade deal with India, MEPs believe (GU)

Industries & companies
Energy: Losing 4.3 Billion Barrels Is Good For Exxon (B)
Financials: Aflac Pushes Into Infrastructure Debt Investing in U.S., Japan (B)
Financials: RBS CEO: ‘We’re approaching a level of normality’ (BI)
Financials: Wall Street’s Humans Notch a Win Against the Computers (W)
Retail: J.C. Penney is closing up to 140 stores to against online retailers (BI)

Corporate finance
M&A raises concerns over market peak (FT)
The case for and against investing in Snap’s massive IPO (BI)
Unilever defends rebuff of Kraft Heinz deal (FT)
How GM’s pension shortfalls might affect PSA deal (FT)

What’s the Latest Buzz in Electric Cars? Speed, Baby! (W)
Virtual-Reality Goggles Come With a Hitch: Real Reality (W)

Robot tax: Do androids dream of personal deductions? (FT)
‘Trump: ‘I was the best golfer of all the rich people” (BI)
Have $6 Million? Avoid Taxes By Using Exports and an IRA (W)