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Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

February 27  (Monday)

Will investors cheer Trump in speech to Congress? (FT)
Eight Years a Ball: cracks in its façade are beginning to show (BR)
Robert Shiller: With stock valuations high, it’s time to reduce your holdings (C)
David Rosenberg: Cautious on Trump Rally (BR)

Bond Market Is Flashing Warning Signal on Trump Reflation Trade (W)
The Case for U.S. Treasury Bonds (BR)

With Shale Oil Production Like This, Who Needs Trump? (B)

Central banks
The Most Radical Experiment in Monetary Policy Isn’t Working (W)

Whatever happened to secular stagnation? (FT)
California Governor Calls for Billions of Dollars to Upgrade Infrastructure (W)
More than one in 10 staff at US banks work in Asia (FT)

What Does the French Election Mean for the Euro? (W)
Le Pen’s online army leads fight for French presidency (FT)
Fillon wins temporary reprieve in embezzlement probe (FT)

Commodity Rebound Would Be Boon for Russia, Indonesia (BR)

US politics
Many Americans Disapprove of Trump but Are Open to His Agenda (W)
Budget Won’t Touch Entitlement Programs, Mnuchin Says (B)
GOP Governors at Health-Law Impasse (W)
Trump to Meet With Health-Insurance Executives (W)
Immigration Agents Discover New Freedom to Deport Under Trump (N)
For Commerce Pick Wilbur Ross, ‘Inherently Bad’ Deals Paid Off (N)
Tom Perez to Lead Democrats, in Blow to Populist Wing (W)
Anti-Trump Protests Are ‘Balancing Act’ for Police (W)
Trump to Skip Washington Press Corps Dinner (W)
Trump Goes After Familiar Targets (W)
Brennan Says Russia Probe Must Be Bipartisan (B)

Geopolitics & trade
Planned Back-Channel Talks Between U.S., North Korea Scuttled (W)
German business prepares to defend free trade in US (FT)

Industries & companies
Consumer: U.S. Workers to Manufacture Play-Doh Again (W)
Consumer: Harley-Davidson: An Uneasy Rider (BR)
Energy: Bottom Fishing Transocean: Reel In 35% (BR)
Financials: Deutsche Bank Cuts 2016 Bonus Pool by Almost 80%, FAS Reports (B)
Industrials: Infrastructure Maven (BR)
Retail: J.C. Penney Is Latest Retailer Forced to Downsize (W)
Retail: The Anti-Trump Activist Taking On Retailers (N)

Google Assistant Goes Beyond the Pixel to Take on Apple’s Siri (B)
Goldman Sacked: How artificial intelligence will transform Wall Street. (Newsweek)

Warren Buffett’s Shareholder Letter
Buffett Assails Money-Manager Fees as Berkshire Reports Higher Profit (W)
Buffett suggests shift from long-term perspective (FT)

The Upshot: Economists Have Been Demoted in Washington. That’s a Bad Idea. (N)