wiar 3-07-17

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March 07  (Tuesday)

Global equities slip as Asia rattled by NK missiles (FT)
Dollar Ticks Higher on Renewed Fed Optimism (W)

IEA Sees No Peak Oil Demand ‘Any Time Soon’ (W)

Americans could be killing the McMansion for good (BI)

Juppe says no to French presidential bid but slams candidate Fillon (R)
Greek Economy Contracts, Complicating Bailout Talks (W)

China exerts control over hot debt markets (FT)
China’s Steel Cutbacks Look Deeper Than They Are (W)
The Big Problem With China’s Bridge and Tunnel Addiction (B)

US politics I
Forget the Border Levy. Here’s the Really Big GOP Tax Idea. (B)
Auerbach (2016): The Role of Border Adjustments in International Taxation
Auerbach (2010): A Modern Corporate Tax
House Republicans Release Plan to Replace Obamacare (W)
Trump’s New Travel Ban Swaps Chaos for Snooze as Prep Pays Off (B)
U.S. to Temporarily Suspend Fast-Track Processing of H-1B Visas (W)
If Trump Wants Growth, He’ll Need Immigrants (B)

US politics II
Former Intelligence Chiefs Dispute Trump’s Wiretap Allegations (B)
White House spokesperson says Trump does not accept FBI denial over phone tap claims (BI)
White House doubles down on Trump’s wiretap claims (BI)
Trump’s Wiretap Tweets Raise Risk of Impeachment (B)
U.S. Supreme Court Cancels Transgender Bathroom Showdown (B)
Lawmakers Renew Calls for James Clapper Perjury Charges (US News)

Geopolitics & trade
North Korea fires four ballistic missiles (R)
Trump adviser Navarro: U.S., Germany should discuss trade outside EU (R)
U.S. Shift on Russia Pleases Europe, Worries Moscow (W)
Russian Hackers Seek Hush Money From Liberal U.S. Groups (B)
China Takes Heat on Trade, but Germany’s Power Continues to Grow (W)
As Netanyahu faces police questioning, rivals look ‘post-Bibi’ (R)

Industries & companies
Autos: General Motors Waves Goodbye to Europe (B)
Energy: Exxon Is Steering Its Construction Dollars Back to U.S. (B)
Energy: Exxon’s $20 Billion Spending Plan Points to U.S. Energy Surge (W)
Shipping: Hanjin Creditor Wins Court Approval to Sell Shipping Containers (W)
Tech: Snap drops 12% to close below Thursday’s open price (FT)
Tech: IBM, Salesforce Agree to Partner on Artificial Intelligence (W)

Rich Asian Millennials Pool Family Fortunes to Build Venture Fund (B)