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March 08  (Wednesday)

OECD Warns of ‘Disconnect’ Between Markets, Growth Outlook (W)
The Volatility Puzzle: Can Political Uncertainty Make Markets Tamer? (W)
Why the Bull Market May Die Under Trump (W)
Fed Takes Fear Out of Markets as Volatility Plunges in Bonds, FX (B)

The Shale Industry Is Scrambling to Catch Up to Its Own Boom (B)
OPEC and Shale Learning to Coexist (W)

Central banks
As Eurozone Economy Strengthens, Divisions Within ECB Re-Emerge (W)
Central Banks Are Stockpiling Foreign Reserves (W)

U.S. Posts Biggest Monthly Trade Deficit in Nearly Five Years (W)
Consumer Borrowing in U.S. Posts Smallest Gain Since July 2012 (B)

German trade surplus sparks concern at home and abroad (FT)
Dutch Populist Wilders Feels Trump Burn With Slide in Polls (B)
Will EU core states leave rest behind after Brexit? (FT)
Hungary Lawmakers Approve Tough Anti-Migrant Measure (W)
Road map for eurozone investors shaken up (FT)

Are U.S., China Headed for ‘Hot War’ on Trade? (W)
China’s Most Valuable Drugmaker Sees Sales Surge on Global Push (B)

Russia Is Running on More Than Just the Black Stuff (B)
Republican tax reform could shake up emerging economies (FT)

US politics
Conservatives Savage GOP Obamacare Plan Despite Trump Praise (B)
GOP’s Health Plan Draws Skepticism on Capitol Hill (W)
What Insurers Like and Dread About GOP’s Plan to Replace Obamacare (W)
Q&A: How the House Plan to Replace Obamacare Would Affect Consumers (W)
Top Earners Would Pay Less Tax Under GOP Health-Care Proposal (W)
Donald Trump Presses Twitter Attack on Barack Obama (W)

Geopolitics, trade, & cybersecurity
Trump’s trade team yearns for the battling 1980s (FT)
South Korea Gets First Parts of Missile-Defense System (W)
China rebukes US for anti-missile shield in S Korea (FT)
WikiLeaks Posts Purported CIA Hacking Documents (W)

Industries & companies
Autos: Mercedes Is Making the World’s Most Expensive SUV (B)
Pharma: Trump Sends Pharma Stocks Down With New Tweet on Drug Prices (B)
Pharma: Lower $1,000 Pill Price? We’d Love It, Says Express Scripts (B)
Pharma: J&J’s legal costs surge in wave of product lawsuits (FT)
Retail: Coming Soon to Your Local Mall: Celery and Dog Food (W)
Tech: Bezos Gets First Paying Customer for Blue Origin Rocket (B)
Tech: HP Enterprise to Acquire Nimble Storage for About $1 Billion (W)

How AI Will Change Everything (W)

Big data scramble in markets still relies on people (FT)