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March 17  (Friday)

YRI in the News: Where are the Bulls in This Bull Market? (W)
The Market Is Acting Like the Fed Cut Rates Yesterday (B)
Credit Suisse and UBS Tell Wealthy Clients the Same Thing: Buy Stocks (B)

Currencies & commodities
Despite U.S. Rate Increases, the Dollar’s Biggest Gains Look Done for Now (W)
Treasury’s Mnuchin Repeats Long-Term Dollar Strength Is ‘Good’ (B)
The Gold Party’s Back on After Yellen Reassures the Market (B)

Central banks I
Fed Sees 2 More Increases in 2017 (W)
Fed Signals It Is Entering New Phase (W)
Fed happy to walk into a run of rate rises (FT)
Yellen’s Message: My Work Here Is (Mostly) Done (N)
Yellen Calms Fears Fed’s Policy Trigger Finger Is Getting Itchy (B)
Janet Yellen just made an unsettling admission about the economy (BI)

Central banks II
China Tweaks Policy to Get Comfortable With Fed’s Rising Rates (W)
Fed-PBOC Moves Hint at Calibration Mooted a Year Ago at G-20 (B)

Philly Fed’s new order index highest in nearly 30 years (R)
U.S. housing starts jump; weekly jobless claims fall (R)
More Hiring and Quitting Points to an Improving Labor Market (W)
Millions of Manufacturing Jobs Could Go Unfilled (B)

Europe Gets Reprieve in Dutch Election, But the Center Fragments (B)
Dutch Vote Sets Tone for Coming Elections in Europe (W)
Dutch PM Mark Rutte sees off election threat of Geert Wilders (GU)
Italian debate on ditching euro grows louder (FT)
Ireland cries foul over competition for Brexit moves (R)
Theresa May rejects calls for new Scottish referendum (FT)

US politics I
Winners and Losers in Trump’s ‘Skinny Budget’ (B)
These 80 Programs Would Lose Funding Under Trump’s Proposed Budget (B)
Trump’s budget—and much of his agenda—is still stuck in the mud (C)
White House wants to strip infrastructure funds to divert them to its own infrastructure plan (C)
Trump Seeks Billions in New Spending for Border Wall (W)
Trump Proposes Historic Cuts Across Government to Fund Defense (B)
Budget Proposal Would Slice EPA Spending by Nearly a Third (B)
Trump Seeks to Cut State Department, UN for ‘America First’ (B)

US politics II
Conservatives just dealt ‘Trumpcare’ a significant blow (BI)
Republicans Explore Changes to Health Bill (W)
Ryan Clings to Core of GOP Obamacare Bill (B)
Trump’s Second Bid at Travel Ban Knocked Down by Two Judges (B)
Trump Wiretapping Claims Rejected by Senate Intelligence Chiefs (B)
Trump Says He Based Charge of Obama Wiretapping on Media Reports (B)
Obtaining Land for Trump’s Border Wall a Daunting Task, Experts Say (W)

Geopolitics & trade
Deficits Are a Flawed Guide to Unfair Trade (W)
G-20 Said to Be Stuck on Trade Language After German Nod to U.S. (B)
Tillerson Tells North Korea It Has Nothing to Fear From U.S. (B)
Tillerson to Press China Over North Korea Threat (W)
China pledges firm response if Japan interferes in South China Sea (R)
The King and Xi: Saudi Leader Pitches for China’s Billions (W)
Behind Trump’s Russia Romance, There’s a Tower Full of Oligarchs (B)

Industries & companies
Autos: Trump, Easing Emissions Rule, Vows to Expand Auto Jobs (N)
Autos: Tesla Returns to Wall Street as Musk Readies Model 3 Rollout (B)
Financials: Insurers See Health-Care Premiums Increasing Significantly (W)
Financials: Americans Shun Life Insurance, Forcing New Tactics at Prudential (W)
Financials: Goldman Sachs Scoops Up Delinquent Mortgages (W)
Retail: Venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya says Amazon close to a ‘natural monopoly’ (C)
Tech: Oracle’s Cloud Business Drives Revenue Growth (W)

China Thinks It Has Figured Out Online Grocery Shopping (W)

Economists’ Costly Obsession With Demand (W)
Great Barrier Reef faces unprecedented threat (FT)
Best business class airline lounges around the world (NN)