wiar 3-18-17

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

March 18  (Saturday)

The S&P 500 and Dow have now gone 108 days without a 1% decline (MW)

Non-OPEC oil producers keep on pumping, deliver just 64% of pledged output cuts in Feb, source says (C)

Consumers Say Economic Conditions Best Since 2000 (W)
Homebuyers Face Bidding Wars on Scarcer-Than-Ever U.S. Listings (B)

US politics
Trump wants to ax 19 federal agencies — here’s what they all do (BI)
Trump Takes a Gamble in Cutting Programs His Base Relies On (N)
Trump Budget Proposals Prompt Concern at U.N. (W)
Key Conservatives Endorse House GOP Health-Care Plan (W)
Republicans Move Ahead on Health Repeal Despite Weak Support (B)
Trump to nominate Kellyanne Conway’s husband to lead the Justice Department’s civil division (BI)
Sessions to Chicago Police: Don’t hold your breath for federal help (BI)

Geopolitics I
President blasts North Korea for ‘behaving very badly’ (MW)
U.S. Would Consider Military Strike, Tougher Sanctions on North Korea (W)
Tillerson delivers stark warning to North Korea of possible military response (R)
Next Stop Beijing: Tillerson to Press China on North Korea (B)

Geopolitics II
Merkel hands Trump his second win of the week (C)
Trump reiterates NATO support, presses Merkel on spending targets (R)
It’s what Trump didn’t say with Merkel that worries Europe: Former US ambassador to NATO (C)
Israel intercepts missile fired at its air force in Syria (R)
Russian elite invested nearly $100 million in Trump buildings (R)

Industries & companies
Financials: More Hedge Funds Shut Last Year Than Any Time Since the 2008 Crisis (B)
Financials: Blackstone Is Shutting Its Distressed-Debt Fund (B)
Pharma: Amgen cholesterol drug cuts heart attack, stroke risk but shares fall (R)
Retail: JC Penney isn’t the only major retailer leaving these malls (C)
Tech: Snapchat continues to dive (BI)

The People From ‘Government Sachs’ (N)
Edge or Liability? White House Ties May Cut Two Ways for Goldman (N)