wiar 3-23-17

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March 23  (Thursday)

Reflation Trade Hangs in the Balance as Health Care Vote Looms (B)
Stock Pickers Can Thank the Fed for the Drop in Correlated Moves (B)
European markets join selling as Trump trade falters (FT)
Everyone’s a Net Seller of Japanese Stocks This Year: Analyst (B)

Currencies & commodities
Investors Are Turning Bearish on the Dollar (B)
EM currencies prosper as US dollar falters (FT)
Gold’s Six-Day Winning Streak Ranks as Best Gain Since Brexit (B)

Home Sales Slide on Tight Supply, Higher Prices (W)
US commercial real estate has plenty of room to keep booming (BI)
‘Subprime credit losses are accelerating’: There’s a problem in the auto loan market (BI)
Qualified Teachers in Shorter Supply in Cities, Education Report Says (W)

Italy’s corporate spoils system unsettles investors (FT)

How uncertainty became the ‘new normal’ for Mexico (FT)

US politics
Republican Leaders Search for Health-Care Bill Votes (W)
Health Bill Would Bring Big Changes to Medicaid (W)
Trump’s Misplaced Priorities Imperil His Economic Agenda (B)
Republican Nunes Tries to Give Trump Some Cover on Wiretap Claim (B)
Nunes: Trump Team Messages Incidentally Intercepted (W)
Democrats Seize on Disability Ruling to Bolster Their Case Against Gorsuch (W)
What Trump’s SEC Pick Needs to Explain (B)
A Senator’s Plan to Reduce the Flow of Legal Migrants (W)
Emirates to Let Travelers Keep Laptops, Tablets Until Boarding (B)

Geopolitics & terrorism
U.S. Preparing Cases Linking North Korea in Theft at N.Y. Fed (W)
Attacker Leaves 3 Dead Near U.K. Parliament (W)
London attack fits increasingly familiar pattern (FT)
Lawyer for Russian Whistleblower’s Family Falls Out of Window (W)

Industries & companies
Financials: Deutsche slips in European investment bank ranking (FT)
Financials: Meet the CFO-Banker Who May Be Next to Run Deutsche Bank (W)
Financials: JPMorgan climbs up the prime brokerage rankings (FT)
Health care: There’s a massive recall of EpiPens outside the U.S. after reports of failure (BI)
Health care: Health-Stock Slump Deepens Before Obamacare Repeal Vote (B)
Media: Game Publisher Tencent Warns of Risks Even as Profit Jumps (W)
Retail: Sears Warning Slams Mall Stocks (W)
Retail: Sears Plummets After Filing Sparks Concern That End Is Near (B)
Retail: Payless Is Said to Be Filing for Bankruptcy as Soon as Next Week (B)
Retail: Nike’s Biggest Sneaker Launch Ever Is a 1996 Reboot (B)
Retail: Nike’s business is ‘going to get darker before the dawn’ (BI)
Retail: Starbucks Doubles Down on Military Hiring After Boycott Threats (B)
Tech: LinkedIn Wants to Hook Users With ‘Trending Storylines’ (W)

Corporate finance
Elliott Steps Up Pressure as Akzo Spurns New PPG Bid (W)

Smart Lights Are a Bright Idea, With Alexa and Siri (W)

Ray Dalio Says Populism May Be a Bigger Deal Than Monetary and Fiscal Policy (B) | Paper