wiar 3-28-17

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March 28  (Tuesday)

Dow Suffers Longest Losing Streak Since 2011; Nasdaq Rises (W)
Eurozone Stocks Overtake U.S. (W)
Foreign Investors Flock to Iran as U.S. Firms Stay on Sidelines (W)
US dollar close to erasing Trumpflation gains (FT)

US producers build up sales hedges as oil falls (FT)
China Tanked Oil Once, It Can Do It Again (W)

Central banks
Evans Says Two Fed Hikes in 2017 May Be Right (B)

U.S. Travel Industry Fears a ‘Lost Decade’ Under Trump (B)

Forget Trump v. Congress. The Real Political Danger’s Still in Europe (W)
In Populists vs. Establishment, the Establishment Strikes Back (W)
Merkel’s Party Scores Election Win, in Key Test of Voter Sentiment (W)
With Help From France’s Elite, Le Pen Tries to Steer Far-Right Party to Mainstream (W)
Macron and Le Pen Spar, Anticipating French Election Runoff (B)
When investors will really need to tune in to Brexit (FT)

Evercore’s Hyman Says China a Mess, Will ‘Blow Up’ at Some Point (B)
China plans fresh crackdown on steel production (FT)

US politics I
Trump tax reform faces hurdles after healthcare defeat (FT)
Democrats, Buoyed by G.O.P. Health Defeat, See No Need to Offer Hand (N)
What Trump could do to undermine Obamacare, now that the GOP health bill has failed (MW)
Health-Law Suit Takes Center Stage After Bill’s Failure (W)
Letting Obamacare implode would be a ‘catastrophe,’ GOP ex-HHS secretary warns Trump and Ryan (C)
Dealt a Defeat, Republicans Set Their Sights on Major Tax Cuts (N)

US politics II
House Conservatives Undeterred After Health Bill (W)
In Health-Care Failure, a Lesson on Treating Politics Like Business (W)
How Democrats Aided in the Health Bill’s Demise (W)
Chuck Schumer is jumping on Trump’s new openness to working with Democrats (BI)

US politics III
Trump Will Tap Kushner to Lead Office to Fix U.S. Bureaucracy (B)
Kushner to Oversee Office of American Innovation at White House (W)
Trump is tapping Chris Christie to tackle the opioid epidemic (BI)
Nunes Saw Intercepts Related to Trump on White House Grounds (B)
Kushner to Tell Senate Panel About Russia Bank Contact (W)
Veteran journalist Ted Koppel to Fox’s Sean Hannity: You are ‘bad for America’ (BI)

Geopolitics & terrorism
Putin Critic Jailed for 15 Days After Mass Rallies Energize Russian Opposition (B)
Anti-corruption protests hit Putin’s plans (FT)
For Trump, ‘Extreme Vetting’ Has Wide Scope (W)

Industries & companies
Autos: Plateau in U.S. auto sales heightens risk for lenders: Moody’s (R)
Autos: Hertz Shares Bear Brunt of ‘Freak Out’ Over Used-Car Price Drop (B)
Cruise: Carnival Shareholders Are Having Fun Now, Too (W)
Financials: ‘Project Scalpel’: Behind Big Banks’ Plan to Save $2 Billion (W)
Financials: Deutsche Bank in Bind Over How to Modify $300 Million Trump Debt (B)
Media: Hollywood Studios Seek to Offer Films Sooner Online (W)
Retail: These brands you’ve never heard of are propelling Amazon to outsell Macy’s (BI)
Retail: Amazon Pushes Off Opening of Cashierless Store (W)
Tech: The High-Speed Trading Behind Your Amazon Purchase (W)

U.S. Falls Behind in Global Race to Build Robotic Industrial Machines (W)
Made in the U.S., With the Help of Foreign Robots (W)
Foreign Robots Invade American Factory Floors (W)
Elon Musk’s Latest Startup: Brains Linked to Computers (W)

Fake news shared as widely as the real thing (FT)
Who Killed the Iceman? Clues Emerge in a Very Cold Case (N)
Devastating photos show how much the Great Barrier Reef has changed over the last 20 years (BI)