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April 03  (Monday)

The Market Lull That Refreshes (BR)
Active Managers Stage a Comeback (W)
Stockpickers Make Room for the Quants (BR)
Byron Wien: Will ‘Anarchy’ in D.C. Undermine Stocks? (BR)
Fading Trade-Crackdown Fears Power Overseas Rebound (W)
How to Make Sense of Europe ETFs (BR)
Emerging Markets Brandish Bargain Label (W)

Flatter Yield Curve in 2017 Shows Growth Concern Lingers (W)
EM Debt Lures Income Hunters (BR)
What the Largest Active Bond Fund Is Buying Now (BR)

Central banks
Rethinking the Widely Held 2% Inflation Target (W)
Federal Reserve Readies Plan for Balance Sheet (W)
Bond Traders Are No Fools, Dismissing Bluster of Four Rate Hikes (B)

Hints of a Strong Earnings Season Ahead (BR)
Buying a Home Will Be Harder Than Ever This Spring (W)
Want That Apartment? You May Have to Bid For It (W)
The American Dream That’s Not Backed Up by History (B)
Americans Owe Other Countries Far More Than They Owe Us (W)
How Social Security and Medicare Are Ruining Us (BR)

Outlook Brightening for Euro Zone Banks (BR)
Cleaning up: The life and times of an Italian non-performing loan (E)
Implications of a Le Pen win French election (BI)
Sturgeon Sticks With Timing for Scottish Independence Referendum (B)

For Chinese Companies, If You Can’t Move Money Overseas, Raise It Overseas (W)

Latin American Markets Feel the Pressure From Political Turmoil (B)

US politics
Conservative Split Over Import Tax Imperils Trump’s Overhaul (N)
The Senate Faces the “Nuclear Option” to End the Filibuster (BR)
Vote on Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee to Test Red State Democratic Senators (W)
Remember When Trump Said He Saved 1,100 Jobs at a Carrier Plant? (B)
All the President’s Millionaires: Trump Staffers Disclose Assets (B)
Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Apologizes for Plugging His Movie (W)

Geopolitics & trade
Haley Says Russia Was ‘Certainly’ Involved in U.S. Election (B)
China says U.S. trade orders should respect international rules (R)
Tortoise v hare: Is China challenging the United States for global leadership? (E)
FT exclusive: Trump ready to tackle North Korea alone (FT)
Trump, Reshaping Syria Policy, Sets Aside Demand for Assad’s Ouster (W)

Industries & companies
Autos: CarMax Could Stall as Risky Loans Rise (BR)
Air Freight: FedEx Will Deliver More Gains, Could Rise Nearly 20% (BR)
Amazon: Amazon Web Services: Launchpad for a New Generation of Start-Ups (BR)
Energy: Oil Companies’ Modest Prize: Breaking Even (W)
Financials: Citigroup’s drop in branch rankings highlights move upmarket (FT)
Pharma: Trump’s Drug Policy Takes Shape, With Split Personality (W)
Real Estate: Shopping for Mall REITs (BR)
Retail: Consistency Is in Fashion This Year at Retailers (W)
Retail: Lowe’s Shares Could Rise 20% or More (BR)
Shipping: FedEx Will Deliver More Gains, Could Rise Nearly 20% (BR)
Tech: Apple Shares Shine, Rising 24% (W)
Tech: Intel’s Need to Chip Away at Fab Rivals (W)
Tech: Intel, With a 3% Dividend Yield, Can Rise By 30% (BR)

White-collar jobs and automation (BI)
Out of road: driverless vehicles are replacing the trucker (FT)

Dr. Doom’s Diagnosis of the Banks, the Fed, and the Economy (BR)
Bill O’Reilly Thrives at Fox News, Even as Harassment Settlements Add Up (N)