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April 12  (Wednesday)

Gold, Yen Climb to 5-Month Highs as Refuges Sought (B)
Stretched valuations warning is key for US earnings (FT)
DALIO: There’s not going to be another 2008-style crash, but there will be ‘a gradual noose tightening’ (BI)
Top Mexico Stock-Picker Says Country’s Benchmark Gauge Expensive (B)

Central banks
Yellen Says Era of Stimulative Monetary Policy Is Ending (W) | Video

Hiring and Quitting Rates Show No Signs of Renewed Labor Market Vigor (W)
U.S. job openings rise to seven-month high in February (R)
If Everyone Is So Confident, Why Aren’t They Borrowing? (W)
Sorry America, Your Taxes Aren’t High (B)
Why the U.S. Overtaxes Labor (B)
Coming to America: How Immigration Policy Has Changed the U.S. (W)

Investors Dump French Assets as Presidential Race Opens Up (W)
Banks Stick to Market-Friendly Scenario for French Elections (B)
France’s Volatile Presidential Race Puts Far-Left Crusader in the Mix (W)
The French town that shows how Le Pen could win (FT)
Setting Up in Euro Area After Brexit? Do It Right, ECB Says (B)

China Is Playing a $9 Trillion Game of Chicken With Savers (B)
China Powers Up in Biotech (W)
China Moves to Further Tighten Regulation of Digital Information (W)

US politics
Fitch changes its mind: Trump isn’t a threat to the world economy after all (C)
Trump says he’s still thinking about scrapping Dodd-Frank law (MW)
Fight Looms Over Planned Rollback of Net-Neutrality Rules (W)
Newly Energized Liberals Pour Record Effort Into Local Races (W)

Geopolitics & trade
Trump Issues New Warning to North Korea (W)
North Korea state media warns of nuclear strike if provoked (R)
Seoul Plays Down Possibility of Pre-Emptive U.S. Strike on North Korea (W)
Syria Clearly to Blame in Chemical Attack on Town, U.S. Says (B)
White House Says Russia Tried to Cover Up Syrian Chemical Attack (W)
Tillerson Says Russia Should Give Up ‘Unreliable Partner’ Assad (B)
U.S. Unlikely to Tag China Currency Manipulator, Schwarzman Says (B)
Trump Promises ‘Pleasant Surprises’ on Nafta in Session With CEOs (W)

Industries & companies
Airlines: United Struggles to Extinguish Social Media Firestorm (B)
Autos: Tesla’s Valuation Is ‘Inexplicable’: AutoNation CEO (B)
Energy: The Oil Giant Hidden in the World’s Biggest Mining Outfit (B)
Financials: Goldman Sachs wants to become the Google of Wall Street (BI)
Media: Casinos Get Into the Esports Game (W)
Media: Facebook has reached its Microsoft Bing moment, and history shows the results won’t be pretty (C)
Pharma: Mylan Gets FDA Warning on Drug Quality at Factory in India (B)
Retail: ‘The dominoes are starting to fall’: Retailers are going bankrupt at a staggering rate (BI)
Tech: Microsoft Opens Store in ‘Minecraft’ to Outside Sellers (W)

Corporate finance
KKR Among Lyft Investors at $7.5 Billion Valuation for Startup (B)
Toshiba Says It May Be Unable to Stay in Business (W)
Gymboree Prepares to File for Bankruptcy Ahead of Debt Payment (B)

In Graying Japan, Caregiving Concerns Drive Some Families to Murder (W)
Elon Musk Has an Awkward Problem at Tesla: Employee Parking (W)