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May 15 (Monday)

Europe on Sale: Time to Buy Foreign Stocks (BR)
Time to Buy Emerging Markets Stocks (BR)
Emerging Markets: Buy Into Upside Or Sell On China Risk? (BR)
How Big Are Mutual Funds’ Puerto Rico Losses? $5.4 Billion (W)
Gundlach, Einhorn & Ackman at Sohn (BR)

Chinese, Western Banks’ Battle for Dominance Reaches Bond Market (W)
Are US Treasury yields truly on the rise? (FT)

OPEC’s Staring Down a Double-Barrel Cut (B)

Central banks
The consequences of shrinking the Fed’s balance sheet (FT)

Employers Beware: About 63% of U.S. Workers Are Open to Leaving (B)

Merkel’s Party Wins State Election in Germany (W)
Merkel delivers blow to SPD in regional election (FT)
Is Germany Unbalanced or Unhinged? (Project Syndicate)

China’s President Xi Casts Country as Guardian of Globalization (W)
Chinese Banks Rattled by Regulatory Blitz (W)
China Eyes U.S. Energy After Inking $20 Billion in Deals (B)

India needs to curb borrowing by profligate state governments (E)

US politics
Trump Weighs Staff Shakeup After Comey Firing (W)
Democrats Keep Pressure on Trump Over Comey Firing (B)
Senate Conservatives Look to Cut Medicaid (W)

Geopolitics & trade
North Korea Fires New Type of Missile With Longer Range (W)
North Korea Fires Missile After South Korea Gets New Leader (B)
Why Trump’s Scorn for TPP May Have Been Hasty (W)

Unprecedented Global Cyber Attack Poised to Spread (B)
Why Monday May Be Another Tough Day for the World’s Computers (W)
List of Cyberattack Victims Grows to More Than 200,000 (W)
Timeline of cyber attack: How WannaCry spread (FT)
Russian Election Meddling ‘Well Documented,’ Tillerson Says (B)

Industries & companies
Amazon: Amazon’s IPO at 20: That Amazing Return You Didn’t Earn (W)
Retail: Mall Owners See Strength in Smaller Numbers (W)
Trucking: Trucking Industry’s Tale of Woe: Too Many Big Rigs (W)

Corporate finance
Whole Foods Faces Specter of Long Investor Fight (W)
Private equity fundraising in Europe hits 8-year high (FT)

Your Shoes Will Be Printed Shortly (W)