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Jun 03 (Saturday)

Stocks Rise to Records, Treasuries Surge Amid Jobs: Markets Wrap (B)
US, UK and German equities at record levels (FT)
Tech stocks flash warnings but no need for alarm (FT)
Wall Street’s biggest bear thinks the market’s hottest stocks will keep soaring (BI)
Frustration deepens for value investors (FT)
How to Invest in the U.S. Without Even Trying (W) | Study: Investing in Companies with No Foreign Sales (CFA)

Commodities & currencies
Wall Street Has More Bad News for OPEC: 2018 Doesn’t Look Great (B)
Oil in the $50s Is New Reality for CEOs Gathering in Russia (B)
As Emerging-Market Currencies Soar, Central Banks Stay on Sideline (W)

Vanguard Actually Is Good at What It Does (B)
Meet the People’s Quant, a Former Marine Who Champions Value Investing (W)

Central banks
Fed Looks More to Jobs Than Inflation in Weighing Rate Rise (W)
Gary Cohn Says He Isn’t Interested in Fed Chair Job (B)

Jobless Rate Hits Lowest in 16 Years; Hiring Pace Slows (W)
U.S. Jobs Weakness May Be Temporary, But Loss of Momentum Isn’t (B)
U.S. Trade Gap Widened 5% in April (W)
Wider U.S. Trade Gap May Signal Drag on Second-Quarter Growth (B)
Atlanta Fed GDPNow in Q2 is 3.4% June 2, down from 4.0% on June 1

Crippling China Delivery Dispute Is All About the Data (W)
China Steps Up Scrutiny of Offshore Bank Card Deals (W)
Billionaire Anbang boss barred from leaving China (FT)

US politics
Republican Tax-Cut Dreams on Hold as Lawmakers Grow Frustrated With Trump (B)
Trump Is Reviewing Whether to Block Comey’s Testimony (B)
GOP Senators Weigh Taxing Employer-Health Plans (W)
Impeach Trump? Democrats Need to Chill (B)

Paris Climate Accord
What Did Trump Just Do? The Paris Climate Withdrawal Explained (B)
With U.S. Firms Freed of Paris Accord, Rivals Fear Uneven Field (W)
Paris accord’s backers move to isolate Trump (FT)
EU, China Summit Ends With No Climate Statement (W)
China Is a Highly Suspect Leader on Climate Change (W)
Obama slams Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement, says the US is ‘rejecting the future’ (BI)
Musk Cuts White House Ties After Trump Exits Climate Accord (W)
Disney CEO Bob Iger quits Trump’s advisory council after US withdraws from Paris climate deal (BI)
Lloyd Blankfein tweeted for the first time to lament Trump pulling out of the Paris Agreement (BI)

Geopolitics & terrorism
US faces struggle to ease Asian fears of retreat (FT)
Australia Calls on Asian Countries to Uphold Rules-Based Order (W)
Syria war yields cottage industry for anti-Isis spies (FT)

Industries & companies
Airlines: Delta Poised to Regain Power Over Airfares After Two-Year Slump (B)
Financials: Goldman’s Venezuela Bond Trade Wasn’t Reviewed by Top Executives (W)
Health Care: A major health insurer wants to limit emergency-room coverage to life-or-death incidents only (BI)
Media: Netflix Shows Are All Worldwide Hits — Until They’re Not (B)
Pharma: Pfizer raises US prices of 91 drugs by 20% in 2017 (FT)
Retail: Retail keeps bleeding jobs (BI)

Corporate finance
How US paint maker PPG lost its $29.5 billion battle for Dulux (BI)
Blue Apron has filed to go public — and it lost almost as much last quarter as it did all last year (BI)

Alphabet arm Waymo tests self-driving trucks (FT)
Apple ready to talk up Siri at developers conference (FT)

Hiding Money From the IRS Overseas? Be Very Afraid (W)
CFA Says Record 189,000 Candidates Signed Up for Saturday Exams (B)