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Jun 06 (Tuesday)

Bulls and Bears Are Both Winning as Markets Take Strange Turn (B)
JPMorgan Has a Surprisingly Simple Theory for Low Volatility (B)
Battle for ETF Crumbs Escalates as Passive War Gets Aggressive (B)
Japan gets a second look from foreign investors as Nikkei tops 20,000 mark (B)

The Hard-to-Believe Steel Shortage That’s Unfolding in China (B)
Automated trading of commodity futures accelerating (FT)
The Rise and Fall of a Commodities Giant in Asia (B)

Central banks
Fed weighs benign impact of rate rises on markets (FT)

U.S. Nonmanufacturing Activity Growth Slowed in May (W)
U.S. Productivity Flat in First Quarter (W)
New Houses Get Smaller as First-Time Buyers Move Into the Market (W)
Other Times Unemployment Has Been This Low, It Didn’t End Well (W)
Why Aren’t American Teenagers Working Anymore? (B)
[Tourists] Not Coming to America (W)

Southern Europe’s Most Troubled Lenders Stumble Toward Solutions (W)
As China Eyes Trade Growth, Europe Moves to Calm Wary Industries (B)

China’s $17 Trillion Debt Mountain Isn’t as Scary as It Looks (B)

Qatar’s Big Spenders Are Vulnerable to Palace Politics (B)

US politics
Trump Won’t Invoke Executive Privilege to Block Comey Testimony (B)
President Trump to Launch Push for Infrastructure Investment (W)
GOP Leaders to Present Senate Republicans With Proposals to Shape Health-Care Bill (W)
Donald Trump Announces Proposal to Privatize Air-Traffic Control (W)
Trump, in Tweets, Expresses Frustration Over Revised Travel Ban (W)
Use of H1B Visas Fell Before Donald Trump’s Critiques of Program (W)

Industries & companies
Autos: General Motors Chief Faces Showdown Over Hedge-Fund Investor’s Stock Push (W)
Pharma: Pfizer raises US prices of 91 drugs by 20% in 2017 (FT)
Retail: J.Crew Says Mickey Drexler to Step Aside as CEO (W)
Tech: Alphabet Shares Follow in Amazon’s Footsteps and Top $1,000 (B)
Tech: Apple Unveils HomePod Speaker, Taking on Amazon and Google (B)
Tech: Apple joins augmented reality fray with new app platform (FT)

Geopolitics & terrorism
The $1bn hostage deal that enraged Qatar’s Gulf rivals (FT)
Top U.S. Diplomat Urges China to Act on North Korea (W)
London Bridge attacker was well-known member of extremist network (FT)

Corporate finance
Japan Notches $18 Billion of Soured Deals Amid Record M&A Boom (B)
Buyout Firms Eye Gusher of Cash from Aramco IPO (W)

Virtual Reality Finally Catches On—With Businesses (W)
A Hardware Update for the Human Brain (W)
Silicon Valley Has Explaining to Do on Robo Cars, Chao Says (B)

Why Remote Work Can’t Be Stopped (W)
Harvard Rescinds Admission Offer to Students Over Offensive Messages (W)