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Jun 12 (Monday)

Cost of ‘Black Swan’ bet hits post-crisis low (FT)
Bonds, Stocks Diverge on Economic Forecasts (BR)
Vanguard’s Bogle Says Ignore the Crowd, Stick to U.S. Securities (B)
Prophets of Doom With Too Much Gloom (B)
Forget the FANGs: The ‘Sunrise’ Stocks Are Doing Better in Japan (B)
How to Make Sector Bets Abroad (BR)

Credit, currencies & commodities
Municipal Bonds Are Hot, but Credit Risks Loom (BR)
Hedge Fund Delivers 19% Return by Betting Only on Safest Bonds (B)
When Currencies Fall, Export Growth Is Supposed to Follow—Until Now (W)
Oil Market Abandons Hope of Re-Balancing This Year (B)
Palladium Rally Could Hit a Wall (BR)

Central banks
Fed’s Effort to Guide Markets Falls Short (W)
Poor inflation readings unlikely to deter Fed (FT)
Economists See a Strong Chance of Second Term for BOJ’s Kuroda (B)

Do not exaggerate the election effect on Brexit (FT)
May Faces Post-Election Disquiet (W)
Macron Set for Majority in Assembly After First-Round Vote (B)
A state bail-out of Monte dei Paschi draws near (E)

To rule China, Xi Jinping relies on a shadowy web of committees (E)

US politics
Trump Slams ‘Cowardly’ Comey as Sessions Offers to Testify (B)
Trump Slams Comey’s Memo Leak (W)
Trump Knows Exactly What He’s Doing: Tom Barrack on the President (B)
You’re Hired: Trump Plans to Build U.S. Workforce With Apprenticeships (W)
Before Repeal and Replace, Kentucky Is Dismantling Health Law (W)

Geopolitics & terrorism
US uneasy as South Korea tilts towards China (FT)

Industries & companies
Energy: Energy Shares Could Soon Heat Up (BR)
FAANGs: The Day Tech Stocks Tanked (BR)
FAANGs: Apple shares slam into reverse in tech sell-off (FT)
FAANGs: 3 Places to Find FANG Alternatives (BR)
FAANGs: Nvidia could shunt Netflix out of the Faangs (FT)
Financials: Three Banks Worth a Bet (BR)
Pharma: AstraZeneca CEO warns of ‘setback’ if new drug fails (FT)
Tech: Can Apple’s Siri Outsmart Amazon’s Alexa? (BR)

Corporate finance
Post-IPO Firms Return to Market Faster Than Ever (W)
Activist Investors Lose Their Way (BR)

‘Flash Boys’ Heroes Are Far From Reshaping U.S. Stock Market (W)
Opioid Crisis Muddles Health Push (W)