wiar 6-14-17

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

Jun 14 (Wednesday)

U.S. Stocks Boosted by Tech (W)
A Record Number of Investors Say Stocks Are Overvalued (B)
Major Technology ETF Sees Biggest Outflows Since 2007 (B)
Tempted to Buy the Dip in Tech Stocks? History Suggests Patience (B)
Hidden in Plain Sight: A Powerful Way to Beat the Market (W)

Saudi Arabia Cuts U.S. Oil Exports to Ease Supply Glut (W)
Electricity’s Latest Evangelist: One of the World’s Largest Oil Companies (W)
These Five Charts Show the Seismic Shifts Happening in Global Energy (B)

Central banks
Editorial: The Fed Needs to Explain Its New Normal (B)
Why China no longer fears the Fed (FT)
White House to Start Planning for Its Fed Chief; Could It Be Yellen? (W)
A Brief History of the Federal Reserve’s Independence (W)

Six-Figure Earners Are a Growing Share of U.S. ‘Gig’ Workforce (B)
One More Reason for the Productivity Slowdown? Credit Conditions (W)
Social Security Disability Rate Rose while Unemployment Declined (FRB-SL)

The Global Economy Is Rebounding, But There’s One Big Problem (B)

US politics I
Don’t be fooled, Trump’s budget is still very much alive (Brookings)
GOP Lawmaker Floats 5-Year Phase-In of Border Adjustment Tax (W)
Senators Say Trump’s Planned State Department Cuts won’t Pass (W)
Mattis Takes Aim at Congress for Military-Spending Shortfalls (W)
Senate Republicans Push to Reach Health Deal (W)

US politics II
Sessions: Talk of Russia Collusion Is ‘Appalling’ (W)
Trump Can’t Fire Special Counsel Mueller, Rosenstein Says (B)
Trump demands apology from ‘Fake News’ media in raging morning tweetstorm (BI)

Senate Draws Up Bill to Impose More Sanctions on Russia (W)

Industries & companies
FAANGs: Tim Cook Says Apple Is Focusing on an Autonomous Car System (B)
Financials: Where Banks Win Big Under the Mnuchin Plan (W)
Industrials: In GE Shakeup, the Return of GE Capital (W)
Media: Time Warner Cable Changes Its Name, and Suddenly People Love It (B)
Telecom: Verizon Launches New Ad and Content Unit as Yahoo Deal Closes (W)

Corporate finance
These 50 Companies Are Holding the Biggest Piles of Overseas Cash (B)

Bitcoin Is Helping the Pot Business Get Over Its Banking Problem (B)