wiar 6-15-17

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Jun 15 (Thursday)

Blockbuster first-quarter earnings were ‘as good as it gets’ (BI)
Investors Love European Stocks—Now They Love the Euro Too (W)
Asia tech leads emerging market equities surge (FT)
Popular 401(k) Funds Are Packed With Tech Stocks (B)
Portfolio Managers Are Holding Record Levels of Corporate Debt (B)

Oil Tumbles to Lowest Since November as Gasoline Supplies Surge (B)
OPEC Stumbles in Face of Oil Glut (W)
Iraq Is New Oil King, Beats Saudis in Fastest Growing Market (B)
It’s Getting Snarky in the Oil Market (B)
US shale will power global oil supply, says IEA (FT)
Saudi Aramco IPO Plans Slowed Over Where to List (W)

Central banks I
Fed Lifts Rates, Sets Out Plan to Shrink Assets (W)
Parsing the Fed: How the June Statement Changed From May (W)
Addendum to the Policy Normalization Principles and Plans (FRB)
Statement Regarding Overnight Reverse Repurchase Agreements (FRB-NY)
Here’s the new Fed dot plot (BI) | SEP (FRB)

Central banks II
Shhh…The Bank of Japan Is Buying Fewer Bonds (W)
Yellen Deflects Question on Whether She Would Stay on at Fed (B)
Here’s why a Fed rate hike doesn’t matter for housing (BI)

US retail sales post biggest drop in 16 months (BI)
Consumer prices fell more than expected in May (BI)
GDPNow model forecast for real GDP growth (saar) in Q2’17 is 3.2%, up from 3.0% (FRB-ATL)
Small Business Optimism Continues Remarkable Surge (NFIB)

Eurozone employment finally passes pre-crisis peak (FT)

China’s Economic-Growth Revamp May Be Working (W)
China’s economy is chugging along nicely, but its property market may be cooling (BI)

US politics
Lawmakers’ Security Concerns Were Rising Even Before Scalise Shooting (B)
Trump Administration to Revise Rules on For-Profit Colleges (W)
Apprenticeships Aren’t Just for Welders Anymore (W)
Gundlach Says D.C. Establishment Wants to ‘Wait Trump Out’ (B)

Geopolitics & cybersecurity
Tillerson threatens sanctions for N Korea ties (FT)
Germany Builds an Election Firewall to Fight Russian Hackers (B)
Three US bank chiefs fall victim to email prankster (FT)

Industries & companies
Autos: IBM to Help BMW Ride on the Cloud (W)
Energy: Renewables Provided a Record 10% of U.S. Power in March (B)
Financials: Online lenders haven’t been verifying income and employment on their loans (BI)
Financials: Goldman Set Out to Automate IPOs and It Has Come Far, Really Fast (B)
Retail: How Zara Is Defying a Broad Retail Slump (W)
Tech: Analyst Says It’s Time for Tesla to Start Worrying About Apple’s Car Ambitions (B)

Visualizing the Jobs Lost to Automation