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Jun 20 (Tuesday)

Meet the ‘Death By Amazon’ Index (W)
U.S. Stocks Climb as Tech Sector Bounces Back (W)
As Tech Rallies, Goldman Says Don’t Bank on FAAMG Stock Returns (B)
Don’t Fight the Flows (W)
Your ETF Isn’t What You Think It Is (W)
Financial Stocks Are Bucking the Yield Curve Signal (W)
Argentina to Sell 100-Year Bonds (W)

Oil & gas
Oil Industry Learns How to Live With Cheap Crude (W)
Shale’s Record Fracklog Could Force Crude Prices Even Lower (B)
U.S. Drillers Are Hammering OPEC’s Plans (B)
As Natural Gas Gains, a Taxed Grid Raises Alarm (W)

Central banks
New Evidence for a Lower New Normal in Interest Rates (FRB-SF)
El-Erian: Markets must grasp Fed is no longer their best friend (FT)

GDPNow Forecast for Second Quarter Decreases to 2.9% (FRB-ATL)

France polls: Macron’s party wins clear parliamentary majority (BBC)
Brexit Talks Begin With Divorce-Bill Disagreement (W)
IMF Wagers Its Credibility in Greek Debt Waiting Game (W)

US politics
White House Weighs New Role for Press Secretary Sean Spicer (B)
Supreme Court to Consider Limits on Gerrymandering (W)
Money is Pouring Into the Georgia House Race — Here’s Where It’s Coming From (W)

Russia to Target U.S. and Coalition Aircraft Over Syria (W)
U.S. Moves Jets to Ease Syria Tensions Amid Russian Threat (B)
A Cool Explanation of Trump’s Heated Trade Talk (W)
U.S. Beef Is on Table Ahead of China Talks (W)
Merkel Reaches Out to Trump With Pledge to Work for G-20 Unity (B)

Industries & companies
Autos: Tata Group Considers IPO of Luxury Car Unit Jaguar Land Rover (B)
FAAMGs: With Whole Foods in the Cart, Amazon Faces the Hard Part (W)
FAAMGs: Amazon Deal Takes Food Delivery Startups By Storm (W)
FAAMGs: Amazon considers big push into online car sales (FT)
FAAMGs: No One Loves Conglomerates. Unless It’s Amazon. (B)
FAAMGs: The Race Is On to Challenge Google-Facebook ‘Duopoly’ in Digital Advertising (W)
Financials: Citigroup’s Plan to Revive Its Lagging Stock (W)
Financials: Who’s Behind Morgan Stanley’s Bond Trading Turnaround? A Stock Guy (W)
Industrials: GE Tells Boeing It Won’t Share 797 Engines With Arch-Rivals (B)
Media: Disney in China Isn’t Mickey Mouse (B)
Media: Why ‘A Dog’s Purpose’ Soared in China While ‘Lego Batman’ Flopped (W)
Media: Time Warner Signs $100 Million Deal With Snap for Shows and Ads (W)
Pharma: Cholesterol Drugs at $14,000, And an Insurance Tug-of-War (W)
Retail: Kroger Takes a $7 Billion Hit (B)

The best jokes on Twitter about Amazon buying Whole Foods (BI)
The Genius Behind Accounting Shortcut? It Wasn’t Einstein (W)