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Jul 10 (Monday)

Stocks Threatened by Looming End of Low Rates (BR)
Stocks Gain Despite Talk of Easy Money Ending (BR)
Volatility flickers back to life in markets (FT)
Low Volatility Is Not Low Risk (BR)

Libya, Nigeria May Be Asked to Cap Oil Output Soon, Kuwait Says (B)

Smart beta funds on course to pass $1tn milestone (FT)
Goldman Sachs is worst-selling fund manager in 2017 (FT)

Central banks
Emerging market investors wary of taper talk (FT)
BOJ Draws Line in Sand But Faces Long Battle to Cap Bond Yields (B)
Weak Inflation Raises Questions About Traditional Model Linking Output and Prices (W)

Five Signs Point to Skill Shortages in the United States (B)

Why Germany’s current-account surplus is bad for the world economy (E)

An electoral defeat puts Japan’s prime minister on the back foot (E)
Foreigners Are Shoring Up Japan’s Shrinking Population (B)

China trade offers clues to N Korea economic health (FT)
China’s Army Turns on Charm With Weekend Shows (B)
China prepares fresh round of megamergers (FT)
China’s Cosco to Buy Orient Overseas (W)

US politics
New Hurdles for GOP Health Bill (W)
Health and tax overwhelm the Republicans (FT)
Mnuchin Dismisses Idea of 40 Percent Top Tax Rate for the Rich (B)
Trump Jr. Was Promised Damaging Info About Clinton: NYT (B)

Trump’s America First Policy Proves to Be an Immovable Object at G-20 (W)
The World’s Learning How to Handle Donald Trump, but It’s Tricky (B)
Trump Says ‘Time to Move Forward’ With Russia After Putin Talks (W)
Trump and Xi Brush Aside North Korea Divide in ‘Excellent’ Meeting (B)
North Korea condemns US bombing exercises (FT)
Scared About North Korea? You Aren’t Scared Enough (B)
Containing Kim Jong Un (E)

Industries & companies
Energy: Plans for Offshore Wind Farms Face Headwinds in U.S. (W)
Financials: Big US banks’ profit forecasts take a fall (FT)
Retail: Tiffany Hunts for Path to ‘Cool’ (W)

Why Your Phone Will Be the Key to Future ATMs (W)
Tech battle to create the elevator of the future (FT)

How Do You Put a Price on Investment Research? (B)