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Jul 17 (Monday)

The Dangers of a Record Dow (BR)
Dovish Yellen Spurs Markets to Soar (BR)
Ways of Winning in a Bull Market (N)
Four Top Income Stocks From Emerging Markets (BR)

Currencies & commodities
Dollar Bears’ Case Grows Stronger (B)
A Possible Alternative to Stocks and Bonds: Commodities? (N)

Lower Fees Are Great, if You Actually Get Them (N)
From $2 Billion to Zero: A Fund Goes Bust in the Oil Patch (W)

How to Predict the Next Recession (BR)
Q. and A.: If Workers Are Scarce, Is It the Work or the Wages? (N)

China Launches Probe Into Possible Xi Jinping Competitor (W)
Liu Xiaobo’s death holds a message for China (E)
Winnie the Pooh barred by China’s online censors (FT)

Japan considers tough anti-monopoly rules on data (FT)

US politics
GOP Push to Pass Health-Care Law Faces New Setback (W)
Trump Ready to Shake Things Up While Russia Investigations Grind On (B)
South Carolina Shows Scale of Election-Hacking Efforts (W)
Comey’s Writing a Book, and Publishers Are Eager to Pay Big Money for It (N)

Geopolitics & trade
Donald Trump’s G20 speech owed a lot to Putin (E)
TPP, the Trade Deal Trump Killed, Is Back in Talks Without U.S. (N)

Industries & companies
Aerospace: New Jets Threaten Airbus and Boeing Duopoly (W)
Airlines: Why Delta Is Better at Taking Your Money (B)
Energy: 8 Great Energy Stocks at Bargain Prices (BR)
Financials: Wells Fargo prepares to shed more businesses (FT)
Health care: “A Great Time” to Invest in the Health-Care Sector (BR)
Media: Disney Vows to Give Epcot a Magical, Long-Overdue Makeover (N)
Pharma: Big Pharma Spends on Share Buybacks, but R&D? Not So Much (N)
Retail: Will US retail’s death be the next big short? (FT)
Retail: Back-to-School Leads Retail Mini-Rebound (BR)
Shipping: As Trade Revives, Big China Shippers Merge (BR)
Technology: Undervalued Tech: Cisco (BR)
Technology: Overvalued Tech: Verint (BR)
Technology: Micron May Be Headed for a Fall (BR)
Technology: Apple Tests the Faithful (W)
Trucking: Lift in Demand Fuels Hopes of Trucking Rebound (W)

Corporate finance
Overfunding floats Silicon Valley’s bubble economy (FT)
After Wanda Deal, Chinese Property Developer Faces Debt Risk (N)

Elon Musk Lays Out Worst-Case Scenario for AI Threat (W)
California Weighs a $3 Billion Electric-Car Push (W)

The Coming Revolution in Investment Research (BR)