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Jul 21 (Friday)

Tech Is No Bubble, But the Stock Market Might Be (W)
Investors turn from US to European stocks (FT)
What Will Satisfy the Market’s Thirst for High-Grade U.S. Bonds? (B)
What the Bond Market is Looking for From ECB This Week (B)
Euro jumps above $1.16 in wake of Draghi comments (FT)

Central banks
When Will the ECB Pull Its Trillions From the Markets? (B)
Bank of Japan Delays Inflation Target Date—Again (W)
BOJ’s Refusal to Budge Sparks a Revival of Japanese Flow Abroad (B)
Here’s Why Yellen’s Fed Cares About America’s Opioid Epidemic (B)

DAVID ROSENBERG: A number of warnings signs are bubbling up in the US economy (BI)
Low Earners Are Making the Biggest Gains for the First Time in Years (W)
Foreign Buyers Pump Up U.S. Home Prices (W)
Greenwich Luxury Listings Tumble as Sellers Discount or Drop Out (B)
How to Fix Social Security (B)

Non-performing loans not just Italy’s problem (FT)

India’s Banking Vigor Stokes Its Economic Boom (B)
India’s New Tax Is a Work in Progress (B)
China’s Tough-Talking Theme-Park Mogul Surrenders to Minnie Mouse (W)

US politics
US House panel approves budget measure that advances tax reform (C)
The GOP Failed to Replace the ACA. Can Congress Fix What’s Wrong? (B)
CBO: Obamacare Repeal Would Add 32 Million Uninsured, Cut Deficit by $473 Billion Through 2026 (W)
Citing Recusal, Trump Says He Wouldn’t Have Hired Sessions (N)
Sessions Plans to Remain in Post After Rebuke by Trump (W)
Trump Shows Progress in Push to Rein In Federal Rule-Making (W)
Trump’s laptop ban on Middle East flights has ended (BI)
Big German Bank, Key to Trump’s Finances, Faces New Scrutiny (N)

Geopolitics & trade
NAFTA negotiations set to begin August 16 in D.C. (NN)
Renegotiating NAFTA — in 15 easy steps (NN)
More US-China trade tensions expected after disappointing talks (C)
U.S. Fines Exxon Over Russian Sanctions Breaches (W)

Industries & companies                
Autos: Volvo deepens Geely links to cut electric car costs (FT)
FAANGs: Amazon’s Kenmore Deal Puts Appliances on Path of Inkjet Printers (B)
FAANGs: Netflix looks to become the world’s entertainer (FT)
Financials: Banks’ Earnings Highlight Diverging Paths Since Crisis (W)
Technology: Microsoft exceeds forecasts thanks to the cloud (FT)

Half of American jobs are at risk from automation, new study suggests (C)
This chart shows where robots are going to replace humans on Wall Street (BI)
Musk Tweet Teases a New York-to-D.C. Hyperloop (W)
Quantum Computing Would Make Today’s Encryption Obsolete (B)

Churchill Tried to Cover Up Nazi Plan to Woo Edward VIII (B)
New York Becomes the City That Never Shuts Up (N)