wiar 7-31-17

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Jul 31 (Monday)

As D.C. Tests New Lows, Markets Keep Soaring (BR)
As Washington Stalls, Company Profits Keep Trucking (W)
Blue Chips Are Set to Boost Their Dividends (BR)
Investors Eager to Hear Shale Companies’ Plans for Rest of 2017 (W)

Active or Passive? Why You Should Use Both (BR)
Emerging Markets Drive Hedge Gains in 2017 (BR)
Pimco pulls in $50bn active cash as investors drawn to new star (FT)

Why You Shouldn’t Count Inflation Out Yet (BR)

At Long Last, Europe’s Banks Are Stabilizing (W)
Italy Sets Price for Its Share of Monte Paschi Capital Raise (B)
Hamburg Attack Puts Merkel Refugee Policy Back in Spotlight (B)

Abe finds formidable foe in Tokyo’s female governor (FT)

US politics
House Republicans Recommit to Passing Tax-Law Overhaul This Year (B)
Health-Care Collapse Points to Challenges in GOP’s Tax Effort (W)
President Threatens To Cut Congress’s Health Benefits (W)
Next Up: Raising the Debt Ceiling (W)
White House Considers Regional Bank Executive for FDIC Chair (W)

North Korea’s Missiles Push Neighbors to Beef Up Military Muscle (W)
Trump Warns China on North Korea (W)
China Bets Trump Won’t Resort to Strike Against North Korea (B)
China’s New Missile Sends Warning to Rivals Abroad—and at Home (W)
‘The World Isn’t Safe,’ China’s Xi Tells Troops (B)
U.S. Navy Vessel Fires Warning Shots at Iran Ships (W)

Industries & companies
FAANGs: Time to Take a Breather on Alphabet, Amazon (BR)
FAANGs: A $1,400 iPhone Isn’t Crazy (W)
FAANGs: Apple Removes VPN Apps in Nod to China Censors (W)
FAANGs: iPhone’s Toughest Rival in China Is WeChat, a Messaging App (W)
Financials: Citigroup Shares Could Rise by 50% (BR)
Industrials: The Curious Case of Industrial Stocks (BR)
Technology: Samsung Topples Intel as World’s Biggest Chip Maker (W)

Corporate finance
Sprint Proposes Merger With Charter Communications (W)
Four Activists Challenge Plans to Carve Up DowDuPont (W)

The rise of childlessnedess (E)