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Aug 03 (Thursday)

Dow Jones climbs over 22,000 for first time (WP)
Stocks Poised for “Melt Up” Fueled by Strong Earnings (Investopedia)
It’s Been Three Months Since U.S. Stocks Went Up 1% In a Single Day (B)
Avoiding the Crowd Is a Good Bet for Beating the Stock Market (B)

Currencies, commodities & credit
Dollar to 15-Month Low After Fedspeak, Euro Rises Past $1.1900 (B)
OPEC’s ‘Catch-22’: How to Unwind Its Output-Cut Deal (W)
View that bonds are in a bubble still contentious (FT)

Central banks
Fed’s Mester Expects Inflation to Rebound From One-Time Factors (B) | Speech
Rosengren: Tight Labor Markets Justify Fed Plans to Keep Raising Rates (W)
Fed Chair Guessing-Game Heats Up With Cohn in the Lead (B)
Switzerland’s First-World Problem: What to Do With $750 Billion (W)

ADP Reports 178,000 Rise in July Private Payrolls (W)

Amazon Cloud Customers Are Told: Don’t Bypass China’s Internet Gates (W)

Brazil’s Corruption Probe Faces Its Biggest Test Case: The President (W)

US politics
Trump Pushes Bill to Curb Legal Immigration (W)

Tillerson Tamps Down Talk of North Korean Regime Change (W)
Tillerson seeks to reassure North Korea over US policy (FT)
N Korea stand-off trumps the Cuban missile crisis (FT)
Trump Signs Sanctions Bill Aimed at Russia for Elections Meddling (W)
U.S. Plans Trade Measures Against China (W)

Industries & companies
Airlines: Qatar Airways Won’t Take a Stake in American Airlines (W)
Aerospace: ‘Air Capital of the World’ Has a Problem: Too Few Aviation Workers (W)
Consumer: Mondelez CEO Rosenfeld to Exit Amid Big Food Woes (W)
FAANGs: These Are The Sectors That Might Be Able To Survive Amazon (B)
FAANGs: Apple’s Breakthrough Product: Services (W)
FAANGs: Apple hints at robot future and more US factories (FT)
Financials: Blankfein Says He’s Confident Goldman Will Fix Trading Woes (B)

Corporate finance
Thanks to ETFs, S&P 500 Companies Have a New Boss — the S&P 500 (B)

We Survived Spreadsheets, and We’ll Survive AI (W)

In Gene-Editing Advance, Scientists Correct Defect in Human Embryos (W)
Millennials Unearth an Amazing Hack to Get Free TV: the Antenna (W)
New M.B.A. Admissions Request: Letters From Friends (W)