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Aug 04 (Friday)

U.S. Stocks Fell on WSJ Report of Mueller Impaneling Grand Jury (B)
BofA Warns of Two Political ‘Games of Chicken’ That Could Sink Markets (B)
Why Do U.S. Stocks Keep Going Up? Here Are 5 Theories (W)
Trading the end of ‘better than Goldilocks’ markets (FT)
Loeb Says Short Bets Are Paying Off With Stock Valuations ‘Stretched’ (B)
ALBERT EDWARDS: The same problems that caused the financial crisis are back (BI)
Market’s Surge Meets Dollar’s Swoon (N)

NYSE on Track to Lose More ETF Listings (W)
It’s about to get a lot easier to bet on the backbone of the stock market (BI)
Paul Singer Says Passive Investing Is ‘Devouring Capitalism’ (B)
Saudi Oil Minister Met With Top Commodity Hedge Funds (B)

Central banks
Big Investors Losing Faith in Europe’s ECB-Fuelled Junk Rally (B)
‘Silent stimulus’ for ECB and eurozone (FT)
Fed Aims to Cut Back Requirements for Bank Directors (W)
Some of Gary Cohn’s old Goldman Sachs colleagues aren’t sure he’d be a good FRB chair (BI)

Global Inflation Hits Lowest Level Since 2009 (W)
IMF Faces Internal Resistance Amid Push to Uncover State Corruption (W)

Jobs in U.S. Haven’t Been This Hard to Fill Since 2000 (B)
We visited Amazon’s chaotic jobs fair and found a troubling insight about the American economy (BI)
Manufacturing and Services Executives Have Very Different Views of the U.S. Economy (B)

In Booming Global Markets, Japan Is Once Again Left Behind (W)
Japan’s Abe Shakes Up Cabinet by Adding Some Critics (W)

US politics
Freedom Caucus Leader Calls for Big Corporate Tax Cut (W)
US tax reform hopes are mired in foreign cash piles (FT)
Senior Republicans Push Technology as Part of Border Solution (W)
Sessions, Job Security in Hand, Will Vow a New Crackdown on Leaks (B)
Leaked Trump Transcripts Show Fraught Relationships With World Leaders (B)
You Can Thank Leakers for New Russia Sanctions (B)

Russians Portray Washington as Mired in Chaos (W)
Trump Blames Congress for ‘All-Time’ Poor Relations With Russia (W)
Mueller Impanels Grand Jury in Russia Probe (W)
China Pushes Back Against U.S. Accusations on Trade (W)

Industries & companies
Autos: BMW records sector-leading margins as sales remain strong (FT)
Autos: Tesla’s Cash Could Burn in Production ‘Hell’ (W)
Chemicals: Monsanto Employee Emails Show Efforts to Marshal Scientists (W)
FAANGs: As Apple’s Services Grow in China, So Does Its Censorship Risk (W)
Health Care: Health Insurer Payments in Crosshairs (W)
Media: Facebook Drowns Out Fake News With More Information (W)
Pharma: Teva Hit by Increased Competition in U.S. Generics (W)
Shipping: FedEx to Skip Holiday Surcharges for Most Orders (W)

From Driverless Cars to Flying Cars: Former Google Engineer Also Worked on Larry Page’s Project (W)
A Robot Can Be a Warehouse Worker’s Best Friend (W)

Former FBI chief James Comey signs $2m book deal (FT)