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Aug 09 (Wednesday)

Five things we learnt from the US earnings season (FT)
What Could Possibly Ruin Traders’ Summer Vacations? (W)
Block Traders Are Strong-Arming the Tamest Bond Market Ever Seen (B)
Dimon Sides With Bears, Says Sovereign Bonds Are Too Pricey (B)
California, Once Compared to Greece, Is Now Trading Better Than AAA (B)

EIA Raises Both 2017, 2018 U.S. Crude Production Forecasts (B)

Asset Management
Blackstone Buys Billions in Spanish Real-Estate Assets (W)
Great Year for Pensions, but Many Still in Crisis (W)

Central banks
New Study Says Aging Populations Will Drive Higher Interest Rates (B)

U.S. Job Openings Climb to Record 6.2 Million at End of June (W)
In a Job Market This Good, Who Needs to Work in the Gig Economy? (W)
More Americans are working 2 or more jobs than at any point in the last 20 years (BI)
Sick of Slow Wage Growth? Here’s Who to Blame (B)
U.S. Growth Seen Steadying, Soothing Slowdown Fears (W)
Americans hold more credit-card debt than ever, and a ‘major tipping point’ isn’t far off (BI)

European Lenders Face Uphill Battle Tackling Bad Loans (W)
Italy’s banks step up exit from sovereign bonds (FT)
France pushes for top posts in eurozone reshuffle (FT)

China’s Dream Is Apple’s Nightmare (W)

US politics
Tax-Overhaul Effort Shaped by Debate Over Corporations (W)
Few expect Trump’s 15-percent corporate tax rate: Deloitte survey (R)
Who Ultimately Pays for Corporate Taxes? (W)
Trump makes ‘Real News’ in war against media (FT)

Trump warns North Korea will be met with ‘fire and fury’ if threatens U.S. (R)
North Korea Warns U.S., Rejects Talks To Give Up Nukes (W)
Tillerson Presses Asian Nations to Clamp Down on North Korea (W)
Japan defense review warns of enhanced North Korea threats (R)

Cyber Risk, Market Failures, and Financial Stability (IMF)

Industries & companies
Aerospace: Boeing Copies Flying Geese to Save Fuel (B)
Autos: Bill Ford Thinks His Company Lacks Vision—and That He Can Fix It (W)
Financials: J.P. Morgan Chase Quietly Axes Liked Debit Card Feature (W)
Financials: Wells Fargo Faces a New Auto-Loan Headache (W)
Media: Disney posts profit drop, to take bigger stake in streaming firm BAMTech (R)
Real estate: Mall Owners Wave a Finger: We’re Not Dead Yet (W)
Real estate: If Retail Is Dying, Why Is Money Pouring Into Malls? (B)
Restaurants: McDonald’s to double number of China restaurants (FT)
Technology: Apple’s Expensive Game of Catch-Up (W)

Americans Are Dying Younger, Saving Corporations Billions [in Pension Costs] (B)
Why Stock Analysts and Computers Should Just Get Along (W)
You Could Buy 100 Boxes of Avocados for the Price of One Bitcoin (B)