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Aug 16 (Wednesday)

Bank of America Warns of an ‘Ominous’ Sign for Stocks (B)
When Retail Stocks Dropped, These Funds Went Shopping (W)
Why Blackstone Is Betting $7 Billion on Natural Gas (W)
Seeking the Next Safe Haven (W)
Junk Bonds of the Financial Crisis Were the Decade’s Biggest Winners (B)

Broad-Based Advance in U.S. Retail Sales Shows Solid Spending (B)
Auto Loans’ Share of U.S. Household Debt Climbs to Record (B)
GDPNow Forecast for Third Quarter Is 3.7 Percent (FRB-ATL)

IMF warns China over ‘dangerous’ levels of debt (FT)
India at 70 is still experiencing growing pains (FT)

US politics
Trump Threat on Obamacare Would Boost Deficit by $194 Billion (B)
Three CEOs Quit Trump Advisory Council (W)
Group Pressures PepsiCo CEO to Step Down From Trump’s Advisory Council (B)
Trump scorns CEO ‘grandstanders’ as more quit panel (B)
Across the South, Confederate Statues Become Targets (W)
White House power struggle threatens to topple Bannon (FT)

North Korea Follows Familiar Playbook With Guam Reversal (W)
White House Risks a Backfire Over China and North Korea (W)
U.S., Chinese Militaries Seek Closer Ties Amid North Korea Threat (W)
Moon Vents Korea Frustration by Asserting Right to Veto U.S. (B)
Iranian President Threatens to Back Out of Nuclear Deal (W)

Industries & companies
FAANGs: Today’s Markets Are Literally All About Amazon (B)
Health Care: Health Premiums Would Rise 20% in 2018 If Subsidies Ended, CBO Says (W)
Pharma: The New Innovators Dilemma: When Customers Won’t Pay for Better (W)
Retail: Chain-Store Stocks Get Hammered on the Day of the Year’s Best Retail Sales (B)
Retail: Are Retail Sales Dead? Depends Where You Look (W)

Corporate finance
Amazon Is Seeking $16 Billion Bond Sale for Whole Foods (B)
Computer-Chip Testing Firm Urges Blocking Sale of Rival to China Fund (W)
‘Angry Birds’ Maker Rovio Plans IPO (W)
European steel seeks strength through M&A (FT)

FT Series: Artificial intelligence in real workplaces (FT)
This Robot Lab Has No Idea What Its Robots Are Doing (W)
Vacuums that pick up data fuel privacy concerns (FT)