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Aug 28 (Monday)

Bracing for the Aging Bull Market’s Last Hurrah (BR)
Stocks, Not Bonds, Are Market to Watch Amid U.S. Funding Drama (B)
The Stock Market: the Best Defense Against a Shutdown (BR)
Wall St bankers sell own shares as Trump rally reverses (FT)
New Space Age Offers Promise, Peril for Investors (BR)

Central banks
Kaplan Says Fed Should Begin Reducing Its Balance Sheet ‘Very Soon’ (W)
Central Bankers Can’t Savor Their Stimulus Success (W)
China Money Rate Confusion Shows How PBOC Keeps Traders on Edge (B)

Why Wage Growth Should Rise (BR)
Does ageing explain America’s disappointing wage growth? (E)
Tapping Your Home Equity for Cash Is Big Again (W)
Your Car Is Now Worth Less Than You Think (B)
Manhattan on Sale? That’s the Case With Two Cheap REITS (BR)

May under pressure as Labour makes single market U-turn (FT)
Britain cannot escape the long arm of European law (E)
Germany’s far-right party will make the Bundestag much noisier (E)
Emmanuel Macron finds change is often unpopular (E)

China’s Markets Can’t Agree on How Good Nation’s Economy Is (W)
China Industrial Profits Keep Pace as Factory Inflation Holds (B)
Early China Data Show Diverging Sentiment, Stable Growth Outlook (B)

US politics
Large Companies Oppose Idea for Taxing Foreign Profits (W)
Arpaio on Criticism of His Pardon: GOP Should Rally Behind Trump (W)
House Speaker Paul Ryan Criticizes Donald Trump’s Pardon for Joe Arpaio (W)
States Pressure Trump to End ‘Dreamers’ Program (W)
The future of Bannonism (E)

Geopolitics & trade
Tillerson Still Wants North Korea Talks After ‘Provocative Act’ (B)
Trump Afghan Strategy Poised to Fail, Pakistan Premier Says (B)
Chicago Exchange Sale Looks Shaky as China Tensions Rise (W)

Industries & companies
Autos: Tesla: A Canary in the Wall Street Coal Mine (BR)
Energy: Energy Shares Set for Worst Month Since 2015 (W)
FANGs: Why Amazon Isn’t Ready for Prime Time in China (W)
Health Care: Medtronic: Healthy and Getting Healthier (BR)
Restaurants: At Yum China, Growth Is on the Menu (BR)
Technology: Can Networking Chips Revive Intel’s Start-Up Mojo? (BR)
Technology: Uber Favors Whitman for CEO as Immelt Withdraws (B)
Technology: Nintendo’s Switch Hit: Game Console Is in Short Supply Ahead of Holidays (W)

Flooding Is Now Harvey’s Biggest Threat to Texas Gulf Coast (B)
Lack of a Storm Surge Keeps Harvey From Katrina, Sandy Status (B)
More Refineries Shut Down (W)

The Great Gatsby’s Long Island Mansion Listed for $17 Million (B)
Floyd Mayweather Stops Conor McGregor in 10th Round (B)