wiar 8-30-17

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Aug 30 (Wednesday)

European stocks tumble as risk appetite hit (FT)
Utilities Shares Rally in August as U.S. Stock Market Stalls (W)
Bond, Dollar Traders Won’t Let Missiles Distract Them From Fed (B)

Commodities & currencies
Storm Could Cause East Coast Fuel Shortages (W)
Harvey’s Widespread Destruction Tests U.S. Shale (W)
Iron Ore’s Kings Are Spending Again (B)
Bitcoin’s Epic Rise Leaves Late-1990s Tech Bubble in the Dust (B)

Central banks
An Interview With Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan (W)

U.S. Consumer Confidence Increased in August (W)
Hotel Building Boom Stalls As Demand Plays Catchup (W)
Commercial Real Estate Begins to Draw Vultures (W)
Five charts showing how millennials are worse off (FT)
Harvey Costs Projected to Rise to $42 Billion (B)

Germany’s ‘comfort zone’ poll could surprise (FT)
Denmark Decides to Make It ‘More Attractive to Work’ (B)

Credit default swaps spell trouble for China (FT)

US politics
Trump Set to Renew Tax Debate (W)
Trump Surveys ‘Epic’ Damage as Texas Braces for Long Recovery (B)

Geopolitics & trade
Kim Jong Un Says Latest Missile Test Was ‘Prelude’ to Containing Guam (B)
Trump Vows ‘All Options’ Open After North Korea Missile Launch (B)
Editorial: North Korea’s Provocations Raise Questions for Japan (B)
North Korea Missile Test Prompts Neighbors to Upgrade Defenses (W)
Russia Says War Games Are ‘Purely Defensive’ (W)
Trump rejected China steel offer his team backed (FT)
Nafta Talks Target Low Wages in Mexico (W)

Industries & companies
FANGs: Google Tells EU How It Will Change Search Results (W)
Financials: BlackRock Finds $5 Trillion Industry Is Now Riskier Than in ’08 (B)
Financials: Buffett Converts BofA Warrants Into $16.5 Billion Stake in Bank (B)
Financials: Why Goldman Sachs still wants to be Asia number one (FT)
Media: Apple Spars With Movie Studios Over Pricing Ahead of Apple TV Rollout (W)
Technology: Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi Plans to Accept Uber’s CEO Job (W)

Corporate finance
United Tech Nears Deal to Buy Rockwell Collins for More Than $20 Billion (W)
Ridding markets of their bias against capex won’t be easy (FT)

Day Trading in Wall Street’s Complex ‘Fear Gauge’ Proliferates (N)