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Sep 11 (Monday)

Even Hurricanes Can’t Kill Off This Rally (BR)
Why the Market Needs a 20% Drop (BR)
Active Managers Are Getting to Work (BR)
Five Solid Payout Plays (BR)

The Plastic Fantasy That’s Propping Up the Oil Market (B)

Central banks
The Trouble With the Fed’s Inflation Target (BR)

China Is Striving to Contain Its Once-Diving, Now-Thriving Yuan (W)
Short Sellers Take Fight Against Chinese Companies to the Big Screen (W)
China’s Global Buying Spree Hits Hurdles (W)

US politics
Nestled in House Spending Bill: Campaign Finance Deregulation (W)
Clinton Says She Is ‘Done With Being a Candidate’ (B)
Clinton Says Election Loss Still ‘Very Painful’ (W)

China and U.S. Both Think the Other Can Solve North Korea Crisis (B)
Japan Backs U.S. Proposal to Target North Korea’s Oil Supplies (B)
North Korea’s nuclear test has left the South wanting nukes too (E)

Industries & companies
FANGs: Why Amazon’s Growth Ambitions Don’t Fit in Seattle (W)
Media: A Smart Strategy for Cable and Telecom Investors (BR)
Media: After a Slow Box-Office Summer, ‘It’ Shatters Records (W)
Media: An MTV Reboot Won’t Make Viacom Cool Again (BR)
Pharma: Lilly Breast Cancer Drug Results May Challenge Pfizer Pill (B)
Retail: Nordstrom Tries On a New Look: Stores Without Merchandise (W)
Retail: How Kirkland Signature Became One of Costco’s Biggest Success Stories (W)
Retail: Thinking of Buying Nike Shares? Just Don’t (BR)
Tech: Why You Might Spend $1,000 on a Smartphone (W)
Tech: Apple’s Trillion Dollar iPhone (W)
Tech: Apple’s Top New Phone to Be Called ‘iPhone X,’ Code Leaks Show (B)

Equifax Hack Leaves Consumers, Firms Scrambling (W)

Ever better and cheaper, face-recognition technology is spreading (E)
Uncle Sam Wants You … to Fight Alongside a Killer Robot (B)
China’s Fossil Fuel Deadline Shifts Focus to Electric Car Race (B)

Hurricane Irma Makes Florida Landfall (B)
Uber Gives Free Rides to Shelters in Hurricane Irma’s Path (B)