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Sep 25 (Monday)

Dow 1,000,000 [Buffett says] (BR)
Can a Macron-Merkel axis reignite European equities? (FT)
Euro Falls as Merkel Faces German Coalition Test After Win (B)
Bitcoin ETFs on the Horizon (BR)

Central banks
Ignore the Fed’s Yield Sign at Your Peril (W)

Leveraged Loans on Pace to Top Pre-Financial Crisis Levels (W)
Real Wages Keep Powering Ahead, but Can the Trend Last? (W)

Merkel set for fourth term but support weakens (FT)
Germany’s Election Results Reflect European Unease (W)
Nationalist AfD make historic German poll breakthrough (FT)
Europe’s Going the Wrong Way on Taxing Tech (B)

How China is battling ever more intensely in world markets (E)
China sets its sights on dominating sunrise industries (E)
China’s Banks Don’t Share Investors’ Enthusiasm for Steel (W)

US politics
Trump Says He Wants 15% Corporate Tax Rate Despite Plan for 20% (B)
Why GOP’s Tax Plan Could Leave High-Wage Earners With Little to Gain (W)
Obamacare Repeal on Life Support as Key GOP Senators Waver (B)

Tensions Rise After U.S. Planes Skirt North Korea (W)
North Korean Minister Says Trump the One on Suicide Mission (B)
North Korea’s A-Bomb Is Deterring U.S. First Strike, Russia Says (B)
World Leaders Link U.S. Support for Iran Deal to North Korea Crisis (W)

Should U.S. Companies Be Required to Report Breaches? (W)
German Manufacturers Play Defense Against Chinese Hackers (W)

Industries & companies
Aerospace: Aircraft Makers and Suppliers Face Off (BR)
Biotech: Gene Therapy Is Nearing a Major Breakthrough (BR)
Consumer: The Drawbacks of Consumer-Discretionary Stocks (BR)
Media: Disney and Altice spar over cost of carrying ESPN and ABC (FT)
Tech: Oracle Turns Its Sights on the Cloud–at Last (BR)

The Natural Evolution of Artificial Intelligence (BR)

Tech: Uber Tries Compromise With London Regulators (W)