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Oct 07 (Saturday)

It’s Market Mania for Assets All Around the World (B)
Asset prices are high across the board. Is it time to worry? (E)
Trump’s Team Wants to Turn Off the Safety Measures on Some Bonds (B)

Currencies & cryptocurrencies
Dollar’s prospects rest on Trump’s choice of Fed chair (FT)
Kyle Bass Says ICO Investors Will Get Wiped Out in Crypto ‘Mania’ (B)

Central banks & IMF
Trump makes first mark on Fed as Senate approves key nominee (PO)
Dudley Says Job Gains Should Lift Inflation, Fed Should Tighten (B)
IMF, World Bank Leaders: Now Is the Time to Prepare for a Future Downturn (W)
Japan’s Koike questions excessive economic stimulus: [Yurinomics] (FT)

Beneath Hurricane-Hit Payrolls, U.S. Labor Market Shows Strength (B)
Americans Are Pouring Back Into the Workforce, Jobs Data Show (B)
The hospitality industry lost its most jobs in the history of the jobs report (BI)
Where Did All the Restaurant Workers Go? (B)
Married Americans Are More Unhappy Than Ever (B)

Companies Leave Catalonia on Fears of Secession From Spain (W)

US politics
Cohn Cites Untapped U.S. Growth Potential to Sell Trump Tax Plan (B)
Trump Refuses to Explain Remark About ‘Calm Before the Storm’ (B)
Nancy Pelosi’s Reign Is in Serious Trouble (B)

Chamber of Commerce Calls Trump Nafta Proposals ‘Dangerous’ (W)
Trump to announce new measures against Iran (FT)
Pacific Trade Advances Without the U.S. (W)

U.S. Confronts China Over Suspected Cyberattack as Guo Wengui Appears in Washington (W)
Exclusive: SEC’s corporate filing system vulnerable to denial of service attacks – memo (R)
A Warning Shot on Equifax: MSCI Flagged Security Issues Last Year (W)

Industries & companies
Defense: Boeing Will Build More GPS-Guided Smart Bombs With Extra Pentagon Funding (B)
FANGs: Amazon Is Headed for the Prescription-Drug Market, Analysts Say (B)
FANGs: Amazon Fails to Deliver on Its Entertainment Content (W)
FANGs: Amazon Would Gain From Trump Push to Boost Cross-Border Retail (B)
Tech: Oracle bows to investors by cutting Ellison’s pay (FT)

Corporate finance
Trump Administration Wants an Easier Path for Firms to Go Public (B)

New Robot Analyst Slaps Sell Rating on Facebook and Google (B)
Chip Makers Are Adding ‘Brains’ Alongside Cameras’ Eyes (W)
Robotic Chefs Arrive in Restaurant Industry (W)

New Orleans Braces for Flooding Ahead of Tropical Storm Nate (W)
Outdated and Unreliable: FEMA’s Faulty Flood Maps Put Homeowners at Risk (B)
There’s a Climate Bomb Under Your Feet (B)
From Broken Home to Real-Estate Riches: Life of the Las Vegas Shooter (W)