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Oct 12 (Thursday)

A melt-up is likely gripping the market, and its ultimate demise could resemble the 1987 bust, Yardeni predicts (C)
This Is How Trump’s Market Rally Stacks Up Against Other Presidents’ (B)
Junk Bond Boom Reaches Far Corners of World (W)
Japan Shares Rise With Nikkei 225 Closing at Highest Since 1996 (B)
China Orders Smooth Markets for Communist Party Congress (W)

Central banks
Fed on Track to Raise Rates Despite Weak Inflation, Minutes Show (W)
Fed Minutes Show Support for Next Hike Was a Close Call for Some (B)
Minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee, September 19-20, 2017
WSJ Survey: Kevin Warsh Seen as Trump’s Most Likely Pick to Lead Fed (W)

IMF Identifies Nine Big Banks Likely to Struggle With Profitability (W)
Trump administration hits out at IMF over tax reforms (FT)

Record Job Openings Aren’t Enticing Workers to Quit (W)
This Jump in U.S. Retail Sales and Inflation Isn’t What It Seems (B)
AllianceBernstein Considers Moving Some Staff Away From New York (W)
Suburban Offices Are Cool Again (B)

Spanish PM demands clarity on Catalan independence (FT)
Inside His Palace, Catalan President Puzzled Over How to Avoid Checkmate (B)

Xi’s Legacy May Rest on the World’s Biggest Infrastructure Project [One Belt One Road] (B)
China’s Next Five Years—Squeezing the People to Feed the State (W)
The Big Winner From China’s Foreign-Aid Frenzy: China (W)

US politics
Bob Corker Is Just the Beginning of Trump’s Tax-Cut Problems (B)
Can Trump Really Shut Down NBC? (B)
House Panel Plans to Release Russia Ads After Facebook Meeting (B)

Russia threatens severe curbs on US media (FT)
China Protests U.S. Sailing Near Disputed Islands in South China Sea (W)
Trump’s Nafta Goals: Dilute Pact’s Force, Loosen Regional Economic Bonds (W)
Trump Calls Trudeau ‘a Great Friend’ With Nafta Tensions Running High (B)

Russia Has Turned Kaspersky Software Into Tool for Spying (W)
North Korea Allegedly Hacked Antivirus Software in Defense Theft (W)
North Korean Hack of U.S. War Plans Shows Off Cyber Skills (B)

Industries & companies
Autos: Aluminum Supplier Scandal Forces Toyota, Nissan to Check Car Safety (W)
Consumer: Unilever takes steps to streamline operations (FT)
FANGs: Alibaba Sizes Up Facebook, Amazon With R&D Splurge (W)
FANGs: Amazon Welcomes Teens, Gives Parents the Purse Strings (W)
FANGs: Kroger Must Admit Its Amazon Problem (B)
FANGs: Facebook Unveils $199 Wireless Virtual-Reality Headset (B)
Media: Fox Projects Up to $20 Million in Lost World Cup Ad Sales (B)
Retail: Coach Changes Its Name to Tapestry (W)
Tech: Galloway Says Big Tech Companies Have Reached a Breaking Point (B)

Bitcoin Is Retaking Its Place as King of the Cryptocurrencies (B)
Fans of Digital Currency Ether Can Now Buy ETNs—In Sweden (B)

Coming Soon to California: Cars Without a Human Behind the Wheel (B)
Deadly California Wildfires Rip Through Once-Safe Areas (W)