wiar 10-19-17

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Oct 19 (Thursday)

Dow Hits Another Milestone, But Signs of Caution Loom (W)
Treasury secretary: Pass a tax bill or markets will tank (PO)
Passive investing defenders make case for ETFs (FT)
Hedge Funds Stung by Prospect of Interest-Rate Rises (W)

Central banks
Bond Market’s ‘Taylor Put’ Signals Traders on Edge Over Fed Pick (B)
Fed Officials [Kaplan & Dudley] Warn Against Push for Tax Cuts Over Real Reform (W)
ECB plans longer, slower taper to keep lid on euro (FT)

Fed’s Beige Book: Economic Activity Grows Despite Hurricanes (W)
Hurricanes Weighed on Housing Starts (W)
Most U.S. States Aren’t Prepared For the Next Recession (W)

Germany’s Merkel Begins Tricky Three-Way Coalition Talks (W)

Coalition partner keeps Abe in power — and in check (FT)

China’s Xi Feeds Expectations for a Lengthy Reign (W)
Xi’s Grand Vision for China Prioritizes Party Power Over Reform (B)
Who Has the World’s No. 1 Economy? Not the U.S. (B)

US politics
Mnuchin Says It’s ‘Very Hard Not to Give Tax Cuts to the Wealthy’ (B)
Senate Democrats May Force Vote on State Tax Break This Week (B)
Republicans face close budget vote ahead of tax push (FT)
Deal to Prop Up Obamacare Stalls After Trump’s Mixed Signals (B)

Geopolitics & terrorism
Clinton: U.S. Threats of North Korea War ‘Dangerous and Shortsighted’ (W)
YouTube’s AI tech flags 83% of extremist videos (FT)

McAfee says no code-sharing with security services (FT)

Industries & companies
Financials: U.S. Bank Profit Shoots Higher, But Questions Linger on Loan Growth (W)
Financials: US banks abandon crisis-era taboo of growth (FT)
Financials: Insurers Brace for Drop in Enrollment Amid ACA Turmoil (W)
Industrials: GE’s New Chief Makes Cuts, Starting With Old Favorites (W)
Pharma: Amazon, Anthem, Congress Put Drug Benefits Firms in Hot Spot (B)
Pharma: Anthem to Launch Its Own Pharmacy-Benefit Manager (W)
Retail: Why Streetwear Brand Supreme Is Worth $1 Billion and Abercrombie Isn’t (W)
Tech: BuzzFeed CEO: Google, Facebook Should Share More Revenue (W)
Tech: IBM: Big Blue Coming Out of the Red (W)

Machines Took Over the Stock Market. Next Up, Bonds (W)
Robots Are Coming for These Wall Street Jobs (B)
This Company’s Robots Are Making Everything—and Reshaping the World (B)
Protecting Against AI’s Existential Threat (W)
Computer teaches itself to be world’s best Go player (FT)

Ecstasy Goes From Club Drug to Possible PTSD Treatment (W)