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Oct 24 (Tuesday)

Global Investors Chase Safety, Yield in U.S. Bonds (W)

Central banks
Trump Says He’s ‘Very, Very Close’ to Naming Fed Chair Nominee (B)
What John Taylor’s Rule Could Mean for the Fed (B)
Central Bankers Uneasy on Inflation (W)
Ray Dalio Says Fed Should View U.S. as Split Into Two Economies (B)
Yield curve control should be Draghi parting shot (FT)

Americans have more debt than ever — and it’s creating an economic trap [says the IMF] (BI)
Americans Are Retiring Later, Dying Sooner and Sicker In-Between (B)
Missing Growth from Creative Destruction (FRB-SF)
U.S. Ran $666 Billion Deficit In Fiscal 2017 (W)

Catalan leaders deny direct rule from Madrid (BI)

Japan’s Shinzo Abe hails landslide victory in snap election (NN)
Abe’s Election Win Heralds Push for Japan’s Military (W)

Chinese Banks in Need of a Stiff Quality Check (W)
The slowdown in China’s housing market, in one chart (BI)
China’s Xi Jinping has an ambitious plan to catch up with Western militaries (BI)
A Xi Jinping Protégé Rises to Stardom (W)

Saudi Upgrade to Emerging Market Status From MSCI Is ‘Inevitable,’ HSBC Says (B)

US politics
Trump Says 401(k) Treatment Won’t Change in Tax Plan (W)
This Big Tax Cut for ‘High Fliers’ Shows Why an Overhaul Is Hard (B)

BLACKROCK: 10 geopolitical risks we’re watching (BI)
Japanese Official Warns North Korean Threat Critical, Imminent (W)
Tillerson Urges Action From Pakistan Against Taliban (W)

Kaspersky to Allow Review of Its Cybersecurity Software (W)
Hackers Target Nation’s Schools (W)

Industries & companies
Aerospace: Arconic Names Former GE Executive as CEO (W)
Autos: GM’s Stock Gets a Charge as It Gears Up to Take On Tesla (W)
FANGs: Amazon Says 238 Places Want to Host Its New Headquarters (W)
FANGs: Etsy Shares Pinched By Amazon’s Latest Crafts-Selling Effort (W)
Industrials: GE Shares Sink as Analysts Cut Price Targets, Question Dividend (W)
Industrials: General Electric Has a Long-Term Care Problem (W)
Pharma: Pharma’s New Profit Formula: Take Generics, Add Marketing (W)
Restaurants: For Chipotle Investors, This Quarter Is All About Queso (B)

Corporate finance
Netflix to finance new shows from $1.6bn bond sale (FT)
Hartford to Pay $1.45 Billion for a Unit of Aetna (W)

‘Alexa, Can You Prevent Suicide?’ (W)
Millennials Are More Likely to Buy a Self-Driving Car (B)
Google Debuts Software to Open Up Quantum Computers for Chemists (B)

Prince Alwaleed Says Bitcoin Is ‘Enron in the Making’ (B)
Only One in 10 Tokens Is In Use Following Initial Coin Offerings (B)

The New Populism Isn’t About Economics (B)
World Series Clash Marks the Rise of Baseball’s Superteams (W)
Sessions Targets MS-13 Gang (W)