wiar 10-31-17

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Oct 31 (Tuesday)

Investors are running out of cash — and that’s terrible news for the stock market (BI)
Dollar’s Recent Comeback is Mostly About the Euro (W)

U.S. Consumer Spending Rose in September (W)
GDPNow Forecast for Third Quarter Decreases to 2.5 Percent (FRB-ATL)
Rich millennials are ditching the golf communities of their parents for a new kind of neighborhood (BI)

Eurozone economic confidence at almost 17-year high (FT)

China’s Push to Lower Debt Levels Boosts Results at Big Banks (W)
China’s New, Severe Curbs on the Internet Leave Little Left to Censor (B)
Chinese universities embrace Xi Jinping’s theories (FT)

US politics
House to Consider Five-Year Phase-in for Corporate Tax Cut (B)
How a $2,400 Cap on 401(k) Deductions Would Affect Your Savings (W)
Why Tax Deductions Are Stupid (and Why We Love Them) (B)
The Trump Deregulatory Juggernaut Is Rolling (W)
Manafort Charged in Russia Probe; Trump Campaign Aide Pleads Guilty (W)
O’Brien: Why Manafort’s Indictment Should and Shouldn’t Terrify Trump (B)
Russian-Backed Facebook Accounts Staged Events Around Divisive Issues (W)

AI Helps Alleviate Shortage of Human Cybersecurity Experts (W)

Industries & companies
FANGs: Google’s Dominance in Washington Faces a Reckoning (W)
Financials: Higher bonus costs take shine off HSBC’s rise in revenues (FT)
Industrials: GE’s Numbers Game: Pick From Four Earnings Figures (W)
Tech: Square Unveils Hardware Register to Attract Larger Sellers (B)

Corporate finance
America’s biggest companies are investing more in themselves (BI)
US groups unveil merger plans valued at $22bn (FT)
SoftBank to Drop Effort to Merge Sprint, T-Mobile (W)

Walmart rolls out robots to make sure shelves stay stocked (NYP)

The asset management industry is going to boom in the next decade — but it’s set for ‘seismic changes’ (BI)