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Nov 08 (Wednesday)

Tech sector leads pullback for investment grade debt (FT)

Central banks
10 Things to Know About Jerome Powell (W)
Tricky Balancing Act Faces New York Fed Search Committee (W)

Americans Feel Like It’s a Better Time to Sell Than to Buy a Home (W)
Millennial Home Buyers Send a Chill Through Rental Markets (W)
Police Recover Texas Shooter’s Phone but Can’t Get Into It (W)

Wall St warns on Brexit ‘point of no return’ (FT)
Italy’s centre right draws hope from Sicily poll (FT)

Brazil’s crisis creates an opportunity (FT)

US politics
Majority Would Benefit From Tax Bill, but Effects Peter Out, Study Says (W) | JCT Study
A Tax Cut for Business and Not for People (B)
Debt and equity should be taxed the same way (FT)
Here’s Where the GOP Tax Bill Stands Right Now (B)
In Early Draft, Comey Called Clinton ‘Grossly Negligent’ in Handling Emails (W)
Wilbur Ross Inflated His Net Worth by $2 Billion, Forbes Reports (B)

U.S. Allies Fear Trump Will Pull a Nixon in China (W)
In Seoul, Trump Urges North Korea to ‘Come to the Table’ (W)

Industries & companies
Autos: Toyota Hits Rough Patch in U.S. (W)
Autos: BMW profits fall on higher investments (FT)
FANGs: EU competition chief looks again at Apple (FT)
Media: Taylor Swift Will Keep New Album From Streaming for a Week (B)
Tech: Snap Quarterly Loss More Than Triples (W)

Corporate finance
Broadcom Bid Marks Upheaval in Chip Industry (W)

Alphabet Launches the First Taxi Service With No Human Drivers (B)
Google Earth Has Cars Sniffing U.S. Cities to Guard Your Health (B)

Tame Bitcoin’s Price Swings? There’s a Plan for That (W)
Cryptocurrency Pioneer Sees a ‘Total Bubble.’ Just in a Good Way (B)
Are Cryptocurrencies an Asset Class? Yes and No (B)
Bitcoin proves hard to kill in China (FT)

The Paradise Papers Data Dump: What’s Been Reported So Far (B)
Jet-Set Debt Collectors Join a Lucrative Game: Hunting the Superrich (W)