wiar 11-16-17

Mary FanslauWhat I Am Reading

Nov 16 (Thursday)

Global stocks unsettled by commodities sell-off (FT)
Markets Love Tax Cut Hype, Not the Reality (B)
Contagion worries rise after junk bond sell-off (FT)
Aiding Oil’s Rebound: U.S. Wildcatters Show Restraint (W)

Central banks
Rising retail sales, weekly wages and inflation point to positive cycle for Fed (R)
Fed’s Evans Says His Anxiety Over Low Inflation Is Growing (W)

U.S. Consumer Prices Edged Up in October (W)

A Specter Is Haunting Europe’s Recovery: Zombie Companies (W)
Italy’s Far Right Flexes Campaign Muscle (W)

Asia’s Tech Giants Are Making Analysts Play Catch-Up (W)
China Is Back to Building Oil Inventories (B)

US politics
House could pass tax reform if Senate adds health mandate repeal: Ryan (R)
Two U.S. Senate Republicans critical of party’s tax plan (R)
GOP Sen. Johnson Opposes Tax Plan, Undermining Effort (W)
Senate GOP Adds Tax Twist (W)

Geopolitics & terrorism
U.S. Has Leverage Over Nafta, Ross Says (W)

Industries & companies
Areospace: Airbus clinches $49.5bn single aisle aircraft deal (FT)
Financials: Under Trump, Banking Watchdog Trades Its Bite for a Tamer Stance (N)
Industrials: Submarine Maker Struggles to Find Workers (W)
Retail: Target slides on holiday shopping season worries (FT)
Shipping: U.S. delivery companies dig deep to hire holiday season help (R)
Tech: The ‘Big Five’ Could Destroy the Tech Ecosystem (B)

Corporate finance
Why a DOJ vs. AT&T-Time Warner Case Could Be a Close Call (W)
What Is Uber Really Worth? (W)
Mattel Drops on Report That It Rebuffed Approach From Hasbro (B)

How the Robot Revolution Could Create 21 Million Jobs (W)

Army Failed to Send Up to 20% of Convictions to Lists (W)
Weinstein Co. Sells ‘Paddington 2’ Rights as It Explores Options (W)