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Nov 21 (Wednesday)

The Breadth of the Stock Market Shows It’s Not 1999 All Over Again (B)
Bull Market Has Long Memory of Bearish Times (W)
Tech Boom Creates New Order for World Markets (W)
Half Emerging-Market Bond Index Faces Election Risk in 2018 (B)
Commodity Bulls Ignoring a Few Large Elephants (W)

Home Sales Remained Sluggish in October (W)

Blocking Out Political Risk Is the Winning Formula for European Investors This Year (B)
A Weakened Merkel May Spell Trouble for All of Europe (N)
Merkel’s Embattled Ex-Partner Could Determine German Chancellor’s Fate (W)
EU and UK aim to strike divorce deal within 3 weeks (FT)

US politics
With Tax-Plan Push, Orrin Hatch Faces a Deal-Making Test (W)
Trump Backs Roy Moore for Senate Seat Despite Sex Allegations (B)

Industries & companies
Autos: Tesla’s Burning Through Nearly Half a Million Dollars Every Hour (B)
FANGs: How Amazon Can Make or Break Holiday Retail (W)
FANGs: Facebook Looks in Mirror and Sees Tencent (B)
Media: Sweeping Plan Would Overturn Equal Access to the Internet (N)
Pharma: A new drug to treat HIV just got approved — and it could shake up a $22 billion market (BI)
Retail: J. Crew’s Sales Plummet, Overshadowing Growth at Madewell Brand (B)
Tech: Chip Stocks Are on the Verge of Finally Breaking Their Tech Bubble Era Records (B)
Tech: Meg Whitman to Step Down as HPE CEO (W)

Corporate finance
Trump Says AT&T-Time Warner Deal ‘Not Good for the Country’ (B)

Maybe Bitcoin Isn’t Untouchable at J.P. Morgan After All (W)

How Big Sugar Killed a 1968 Study That Pointed to a Heart Disease Link (B)
CBS, PBS Sever Ties With Rose (W)